Jackson Galaxy Is Way Better Than Cesar Millan And It's So Obvious

The relationship between Cesar Millan and Jackson Galaxy is as tenuous as that of cats and dogs. That's not a joke: cats and dogs actually do lie at the center of this controversy between two famous animal experts and their varying methods of pet care. Millan is best known for his National Geographic show The Dog Whisperer, where he teaches owners how to train their dogs to be more obedient. Galaxy, however, is more of a cat man; a punk rocker with his own Animal Planet show: My Cat from Hell. Like the famous beef between reality TV survivalists Bear Grylls and Les Stroud, the feud between Millan and Galaxy is about who is the better expert.

Both shows focus on animals that are less than perfectly behaved, but Milan has come under fire by animal lovers everywhere for tactics that many believe to be cruel and ineffective. Meanwhile, Galaxy even hosts his own YouTube series about pet maintenance and keeping pets clean, healthy and safe at home. While dogs and cats do differ and Galaxy focuses on felines, he also has dogs of his own. There's no reason to think he is incapable of giving Millan a run for his money even when it comes to canines. So, is Cesar Millan just a phony? Not entirely; he does help bring awareness to many issues regarding animals. Unfortunately, his training methods are much less legitimate and have cast shade on his animal rights activism as well. There are plenty of reasons why Jackson Galaxy is better than Cesar Millan when it comes to animal behavior, and it's all about communication. It's time to finally settle the debate and discover who really is the best pet whisperer.

  • Jackson Galaxy Has A Relationship With Animals That Goes Far Beyond A Normal Trainer

    Jackson Galaxy Has A Relationship With Animals That Goes Far Beyond A Normal Trainer
    Photo: My Cat from Hell / Animal Planet

    Jackson Galaxy is an odd character, and that's putting it as politely as possible. He's a tatted rocker dude with an eccentric style and an intense love for cats. Even with the incredibly creepy nickname of "Cat Daddy," the guy is still respected within the animal care community. He attributes his success, and his life, to his own cat Benny. Galaxy had been a drug addict for years, until he brought Benny into his life. Caring for his beloved cat gave him the motivation to clean up his life and eventually propelled him into the world of animal care. He is forever thankful to Benny and all cats everywhere, and it shows in his work. It is his mission to help as many cats as possible, training them so that owners don't abandon their tough pets to a shelter or worse.

  • Animal Behavioralists Say Millan's Methods Actually Make Dogs More Aggressive

    While Cesar Millan is a self-described "dog whisperer," his methods have come under intense scrutiny. Millan views an owner's relationship with their dog as an alpha-beta situation, one centered around the idea that a pet owner should act and be treated like the alpha male of a pack. This might sound reasonable, except that humans are not and will never be an "alpha dog" in the eyes of their pets. Humans and animals have completely different methods of communicating, and even the best human attempts to mimic the social hierarchy of canines can be fraught with misunderstandings.

    Trying to display dominance to your dog may very well get you a bite to the face or worse. Research shows that Millan's confrontational approach to taming aggressive dogs may actually have the opposite effect. Simply put, you can't fight aggression with aggression. Dogs don't respond well to that sort of training, and it will often exacerbate an already tense situation. 

  • Galaxy Tries To Work With The Animals, Not Against Them

    Galaxy Tries To Work With The Animals, Not Against Them
    Photo: My Cat from Hell / Animal Planet

    One of the reasons that Jackson Galaxy has amassed such a following is due to his unique understanding of the animals with which he works. He never got any sort of four-year degree that would qualify him for animal care, but his self taught methods have met with tremendous success. He considers himself a "cat listener" who focuses on understanding the body language of cats and adapting to them, not the other way around. He reminds his clients that cats are carnivores, and that aggressive cats might be lashing out because they don't have an outlet to unleash their killer instincts. Galaxy recommends playing with your cat and allowing it to exercise its carnivorous ways in less destructive fashions. This can help reduce aggression and create stronger bonds with your feline friend.

  • Millan's Techniques Are Actually Pretty Brutish

    Millan's techniques aren't just outdated, some of them are aggressive to the point of abuse. His whole attitude to dog training is centered around aggression and expressing dominance over your dog. This includes a level of physical methods that can be extremely distressing for a dog, like hard pokes to the chest and the employment of controversial choke collars. He even supports the "alpha roll" technique, a controversial tactic that involves rolling a dog onto its back and pinning it down to display dominance. These methods are uncomfortable for dogs and can lead to heightened tension between you and your dog.