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Among one of the last groups to leave the South was the Negro professional who was forced to follow his clientele to make a living Jacob Lawrence

Among the social conditions that existed which was partly the cause of the migration was the injustice done to the Negroes in the courts Jacob Lawrence

And people all over the South began to discuss this great movement Jacob Lawrence

And the migrants kept coming Jacob Lawrence

Another of the social causes of the migrants' leaving was that at times they did not feel safe, or it was not the best thing to be found on the streets late at night. They were arrested on the slightest provocation Jacob Lawrence

Child labor and a lack of education was one of the other reasons for people wishing to leave their homes Jacob Lawrence

Housing for the Negroes was a very difficult problem Jacob Lawrence

In every home people who had not gone North met and tried to decide if they should go North or not Jacob Lawrence

In many of the communities the Negro press was read continually because of its attitude and its encouragement of the movement Jacob Lawrence

In the North the Negro had better educational facilities Jacob Lawrence

Industries attempted to board their labor in quarters that were oftentimes very unhealthy. Labor camps were numerous Jacob Lawrence

Living conditions were better in the North Jacob Lawrence

On the Way Jacob Lawrence


One of the main forms of social and recreational activities in which the migrants indulged occurred in the church Jacob Lawrence

Race riots were very numerous all over the North because of the antagonism that was caused between the Negro and white workers. Many of these riots occurred because the Negro was used as a strike breaker in many of the Northern industries Jacob Lawrence

The labor agent who had been sent South by Northern industry was a very familiar person in the Negro counties Jacob Lawrence

The migrants arrived in great numbers Jacob Lawrence

The migration gained in momentum Jacob Lawrence

The Negro press was also influential in urging the people to leave the South Jacob Lawrence

The Negro was the largest source of labor to be found after all others had been exhausted Jacob Lawrence

The railroad stations in the South were crowded with people leaving for the North Jacob Lawrence

The railroad stations were at times so over-packed with people leaving that special guards had to be called in to keep order Jacob Lawrence

The trains were packed continually with migrants Jacob Lawrence

The Wedding Jacob Lawrence

The World War had caused a great shortage in Northern industry and also citizens of foreign countries were returning home Jacob Lawrence

They also made it very difficult for migrants leaving the South. They often went to railroad stations and arrested the Negroes wholesale, which in turn made them miss their train Jacob Lawrence

They also worked in large numbers on the railroad Jacob Lawrence

They arrived in great numbers into Chicago, the gateway of the West Jacob Lawrence

They did not always leave because they were promised work in the North. Many of them left because of Southern conditions, one of them being great floods that ruined the crops, and therefore they were unable to make a living where they were Jacob Lawrence

They were very poor Jacob Lawrence