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James Bond Fan Theories That Might Alter Our Understanding Of 007’s Entire Existence

11 Mar 2020 31.0k votes 5.0k voters 218.7k views11 items

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James Bond is more than a character: He’s the cinematic manifestation of cool. Entertaining audiences for over half a century, Ian Fleming’s MI6 agent has been portrayed by six different actors in the official franchise; the films may have changed with the times but 007’s affinity for nice suits, beautiful women, fast cars, other-worldly gadgets, and vodka martinis has remained. Bond epitomizes the kind of stoic that we all aspire to: keep your cool and do the right thing. God save the queen!

As an unwavering symbol of patriotism and self-righteousness who defends the British empire and never seems to age, the entity that is James Bond provokes a lot of curiosity. Who exactly is James Bond? What does the “007” mantle mean? Similarly to a superhero, there seems to be an endless number of reincarnations of the secret agent, different faces aiming at us through the end of a barrel - which means the long-running franchise is no stranger to broken continuity and plot holes. The “character” himself is so mysterious, that fans have been provoked into theoretical gap-filling.

Some theories make James Bond movies better, some make them worse, and some probably don't matter at all. It’s up to you to decide which are worth taking to heart.

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