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The Coolest James Bond Gadgets

When you think of James Bond a few key things come to mind. Beautiful women, grisly acts, Martinis shaken (never stirred), and gadgets. So many James Bond gadgets. Of the many cool James Bond weapons and nifty little gadgets, which are the most epic and badass?

James Bond, super spy, has been around for years and has reinvented himself many times over. Each actor portraying the MI6 agent has had his own take on Bond, James Bond, and with him, his tools of the trade. James Bond's weapons and all the gadgets in James Bond have been everything from silly (a rocket launcher boom box!) to larger than life (a Moonraker laser) to fun and zany (oooh, a jetpack!) to fairly grounded and realistic (there's no way the iWatch isn't a 007 device).

This list provides a complete round up the coolest 007 gadgets from throughout the years. In the decades since his inception, some of them have actually come to fruition, others... not so much (looking at you seagull SCUBA suit).

Here you'll find gadgets that are more on the weaponized end of the cool James Bond spectrum, and have the chance to vote up the coolest and most awesome Bond gadgets you see!

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    Aston Martin DB5

    The gold standard for the James Bond vehicle, the DB5 was featured in Goldfinger, Thunderball, Goldeneye, Skyfall, and Spectre. It has various gadgets and enhancements, but almost always features some sort of machine gun. Spectre also introduces the DB10, a sleek new model with back-firing guns and an ejector seat parachute.
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    In many of the 007 films, James Bond wears some kind of unique watch (depending on the occasion). These gadgets range from communication devices to lasers to homing beacons or even explosives, as seen in Spectre.
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    The Briefcase

    In From Russia with Love, Bond is issued a very special briefcase. Within it is a modified, fold-up .22 caliber AR-7 rifle, 50 gold sovereigns, ammunition, and throwing knives. Oh, and tear gas canisters (disguised as talcum powder) which will be activated if the briefcase is opened incorrectly.
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    Lotus Esprit (Submarine)

    The Lotus Esprit was already a Bond-worthy car, but The Spy Who Loved Me took it a few steps further. The branch modified it to be a submarine, making it both a land, and underwater vehicle of glory.

    But that's not at all. It also included a cement blaster, homing missile, periscope, underwater mines, and torpedoes (both available in sub mode only).
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