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Before Directing Titanic, James Cameron (Almost) Made The Most Bizarre Spider-Man Movie Of All Time

Just before making Titanic and becoming one of the biggest directors of all time, James Cameron was just a hotshot filmmaker with just a few straight up bangers on his resume. At the time, Cameron was resolute in getting Spider-Man with Leonardo Dicaprio into the cinemas before the millennium was over, but his dream would not come to pass.

The James Cameron Spider-Man movie has been whispered about in comic book nerd circles for decades. It was supposed to be akin to some of the most violent Spider-Man comics, and it was surprisingly sexy. After reading the filmmaker's scriptment, it’s safe to say the Spider-Man movie James Cameron almost made was a mess of excelsior proportions.

As bad as James Cameron’s Spider-Man scriptment is, it helped pave the way for Sam Raimi’s excellent stab at the character, which would go on to make superhero films viable in Hollywood for the next decade and counting. All of Cameron's juvenile interests are on display in the script, and it reads like someone really swinging for the fences. It’s not great, but if he had the chance to hone the film and nurse it through production, it may have actually been an interesting ride.

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