There's Way More To James Charles Than You've Ever Realized

Makeup artist James Charles is incredibly young but he’s one of the most recognizable faces in the beauty world today. 

That’s because he isn’t your average makeup artist, he's not even an average male makeup artist. Charles started posting next-level makeup tutorials to his YouTube channel while he was still in high school, found fame when his extra glam senior yearbook photos went viral, and became the first male CoverGirl (well, CoverBoy) when the mega-brand nabbed him as a spokesperson in 2016. 

His rise to super stardom wasn't without its bumps, though. In the past year, Charles has been the center of a few notable scandals and controversies, like his Twitter feud with the stars of the movie IT and the revelation that those viral yearbook photos were actually edited.

Read on to discover everything you've ever wanted to about CoverBoy James Charles!

  • He Had A Major Feud With The Stars Of The IT Movie

    He Had A Major Feud With The Stars Of The IT Movie
    Video: YouTube

    James Charles decided to live tweet his viewing experience when he went to see the movie IT, starting with a Tweet that said, "Ok five minutes in and IT is already awful stay tuned for updates.”

    Finn Wolfhard, one of the movie's stars, fired back, "Why are you on your phone in the movie theater? Rule 1."

    That clearly wasn't enough drama for him, so when Charles posted a Pennywise makeup tutorial to his YouTube channel, he included this sassy caption, "You don’t have to like a movie to do makeup from it. ;)."

    That set off IT star Wyatt Oleff, who tweeted his frustration saying, "When you decide to exploit a movie that you hate for money & attention cause why not."

    There have been no apologies made on either side so it's safe to say these guys may never be friends.

  • His Faked Yearbook Photos Went Viral

    His Faked Yearbook Photos Went Viral
    Video: YouTube

    James Charles's senior yearbook photos went viral because, well, they were pretty incredible. That highlight is stunning. 

    But one of Charles's former friends knew something the general public didn't: Charles edited the viral yearbook photos so that his makeup would appear more extreme. The friend tweeted out screenshots of a text chain between him and Charles, where Charles admitted that the photos were faked.

    Although the friend later apologized, he can't take back the fact that the world now knows Charles James is kind of a liar. Whoops!

  • He Made An Insensitive Joke About Africa

    In a now-deleted Tweet, James Charles made a distasteful and tone deaf joke about Africa. It read, "I can't believe we're going to Africa today omg what if we get Ebola? James we're fine, we could have gotten it at chipotle last year."

    His followers were so outraged that they called for CoverGirl to drop Charles as a spokesperson. 

    The beauty influencer eventually apologized and CoverGirl  released a statement saying, "James Charles's tweet does not represent CoverGirl's perspective" but the company kept him onboard as a brand ambassador.

  • His Mom Responds To His Haters On Instagram

    James Charles has made his momma proud.

    She's gotten in the habit of calling out trolls that comment on her son's Instagram and Charles loves it! He gave his mom a special shout out on Twitter, posting a screenshot of her most recent troll take-down.