politics What Will James Comey Reveal In His Senate Testimony?  

Jacob Shelton
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After being fired from the FBI in the middle of an investigation into President Trump’s possible ties with Russia, former FBI Director James Comey went from being viewed as a GOP lapdog to a lone wolf of the two-party system. Now he will testify in front of the Senate on live television on June 8th, 2017, adding extra dramatics to an already chaotic administration. As the world waits for Comey to spill the beans on President Trump and his administration, James Comey testimony predictions have begun to run rampant. Some pundits expect Comey to blow the lid off the Trump administration’s alleged collusion with Russia, while some party poopers offer the very sober possibility that he might not say anything worthwhile. The one thing that’s for sure is that everyone, even President Trump, is riddled with anticipation. So what will James Comey reveal to Congress?

The biggest question about the coming congressional hearing is will James Comey incriminate President Trump in Senate testimony? After all, Comey aligned himself with the conservative party for as long as anyone can remember, and just because he doesn’t get along with Trump doesn’t mean that he won’t play ball. However, the possibility of him being the guy who brings down one of the most negligent presidents America ever elected likely has Comey daydreaming of the phrase “American Hero” next to his name in history textbooks. Considering the week-to-week melodrama of the Trump administration so far, what do you think Comey plans to reveal? Vote on the dimes you think the former FBI director is going to drop and don’t forget to check back after his Senate hearing to see if you were right. Best of luck, because predicting the Trump administration is like mapping chaos.

27 6
Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn Had Contacts With The Russian Government

20 5
Russian Hackers Definitely Stole Hillary's Emails

23 8
Donald Trump Willfully Interfered With Investigations Into His Administration

24 9
The President Was Trying To Impede The FBI Investigation

25 10
Trump Knowingly Obstructed The Russian Probe

22 8
Trump Knowingly Spread False Claims On Social Media

17 4
Trump Doesn't Spellcheck His Memos

18 6
Trump Demanded Comey Shut The Investigation Down

20 8
The President Is Actively Committing Obstruction Of Justice With Every Chance He Gets

18 7
That Trump Demanded Comey's Loyalty Before Firing Him

17 7
Jared Kushner Sought Backchannel Communications With Russia

19 9
That Trump Has No Idea What He's Doing

10 5
Trump's Aides Are Disseminating Fake News

14 10
There Was Collusion Between Trump's Administration And Russia

The Most Evil U.S. Government Experiments On Humans

12 8
President Trump Shows Signs Of Dementia

9 5
Former Campaign Manager Paul Manafort Held Meetings With Russian Officials

8 7
That The Kremlin Actually Has Those 'Golden Shower' Videos

7 7
The Trump Administration Worked In Tandem With Conspiracy Websites To Skew The Election

8 9
That Bernie Would Have Won

8 10
Trump Turned The Republican Party Into Something Worse Than What It Already Was

6 9
That He's Still 'Mildly Nauseous' People Think He Influenced The Election

The Worst A-List Hollywood Actors

4 7
He Knows Where Sean Spicer Gets His Spray Tans

3 6
That He's Found Stephen Miller's Receding Hairline

6 10
That He's Reopening Hillary's Email Probe, Again

5 10
The True Meaning Of Cofveve

4 9
Steve Bannon Is Actually Three Goblins Inside Of An Old Turkey

6 12
There's No Russian Connection To Trump

4 11
That This Whole Thing Is Gary Johnson's Fault

3 10
Comey Knows Where Trump Keeps The Amulet

2 9
He Will Publish Melania's Diary Entries About Trump On Jezebel

4 12
That Comey Will Be Tight-Lipped With Future Investigations

4 12
Ivanka's Latest Dress Collection For Whatever Stores Still Supply Her

3 12
That Comey Saw What Baron Keeps Beneath His Mattress

2 10
The Ending Of Game Of Thrones

1 10
That Literally Every Member Of The Trump Administration Is A Nazi