The Best James Woods Movies

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More than four hundred movie fans have voted to rank these James Woods films, with some of the best and most beloved performances at the top. With an astonishing career spanning more than four decades, actor James Woods has become one of Hollywood's most prolific stars. He's portrayed a range of characters, from hard-boiled cops to slimy villains and even the occasional lovable scoundrel.

Woods' portrayal of Byron De La Beckwith in Ghosts of Mississippi is perhaps his crowning achievement - it earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor - but he's also given us memorable performances in films such as Once Upon A Time In America, Videodrome, The Onion Field, Salvador and Casino.

But which are truly his best movies? This list ranks all of James Wood's films by user votes so you can decide once and for all which ones deserve your time (and maybe even a rewatch). From classic thrillers like True Crime to family dramas like Contact, there are plenty of great choices here that prove why Woods continues to be one of Hollywood’s biggest names today. So take a look through this list now and vote up your favorites.

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