All Of Jamie Foxx's Movies, Ranked By Fans

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With over 900 movie fans having voted, this list of the best Jamie Foxx movies is your one-stop shop for a rundown of his greatest works. Jamie Foxx has become one of Hollywood's most beloved and versatile stars. His range is truly remarkable, with comedic performances like those in Booty Call and Breakin' All The Rules being just as memorable as dramatic turns such as Ray or Django Unchained.

Foxx often excels when playing characters who are flawed yet ultimately sympathetic — roles that give him ample opportunity to flex both his acting chops and charisma. It also doesn't hurt that he frequently teams up with some of the industry's top directors, including Michael Mann (Collateral) and Quentin Tarantino (Django Unchained).

These films represent some of Jamie Foxx's finest work so far — but there could be more great movies from him around the corner. So why not check out the list, vote up your favorites, and celebrate an actor whose career continues to ascend?

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