Theories About What Exactly Happened in the Jamison Family Murders

The unsolved murder of the Jamison family has spurred many theories regarding who killed Bobby and Sherilyn Jamison and their 6-year-old daughter, Madyson, and why. The family disappeared on October 8, 2009, approximately 30 miles from their home in Eufaula. The family was perusing properties near Red Oak, OK to purchase land. Witnesses saw the Jamisons in the area, but the family never returned from the woods. After a few days, family reported them as missing.

Over a week later, authorities found the Jamison truck, along with their nearly-starved dog. Investigators also recovered the Jamison's IDs, phones, and $32,000 in cash. Back at the Eufaula house, investigators uncovered a "witch's bible," as well as suspicious inscriptions scrawled on the inside of the family’s storage containers. With no leads, the case went cold.

In November 15, 2013, hunters stumbled upon the skeletons of two adults and a child a few miles south of where Oklahoma investigators had found the Jamison pickup. In July 2014, medical examiners confirmed the remains belonged to the missing Jamisons. The autopsies were inconclusive, and the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation has not arrested any suspects for the family’s murder.

  • They Were Victims Of A Cult

    After the Jamison family disappearance, police searched the Eufaula home and recovered security footage of Bobby and Sherilyn packing up the truck. While some propose the couple’s slow movements in the video indicate drug use, others allege an unknown person was present during the recording. Sherilyn’s mother, Connie Kokotan, told police she believes a “religious cult” could be behind the killings: 

    Just like I've said from the very beginning, I think somebody killed them […] There's just no way that Bobby and Sherilyn would ever let anything happen to Madyson unless something had been done to them. 

    Kokotan claimed the family was on an Oklahoma cult “hit list.”

  • They Were Engaged In 'Spiritual Warfare' And Lost

    The family's pastor, Gary Brandon, proposed Bobby and Sherilyn were engaged in "spiritual warfare" - the Jamison’s believed spirits “possessed” their home. Allegedly, Bobby told Brandon he had a “satanic bible” and later asked the pastor for “special bullets” to help with an exorcism.

    During the first investigation of the Jamison home, police found messages inscribed on family storage units, such as "3 cats killed to date buy (sic) people in this area … Witches don’t like there (sic) black cat killed.” Brandon also maintained Sherilyn told him she saw multiple spirits at the house but believed she had the ability to “cast out demons.”

  • A Former Border And White Supremacist Did It

    One theory is that a former border and white supremacist killed the family. Allegedly, a handyman once rented a room with the Jamisons but did not get along with Sherilyn. When staying with the family, the man muttered racial slurs and talked about white supremacy until Sherilyn ordered him off the property at gunpoint

    Theorists allege police found a pill bottle with his name in the truck among the multiple empty containers recovered but cleared this unidentified border of the murders.

  • They Were Going Into Witness Protection

    When the Jamisons disappeared, investigators found no concrete evidence of what happened to them. Theorists proposed federal officials brought the Jamisons into the Witness Protection Program, claiming Bobby and Sherilyn could have been informants for a government case against local meth dealers.

    Reportedly, Bobby and Sherilyn removed Madyson from school shortly before their disappearance. Bobby also maintained in the formal petition against his father that he and his family were “severely scared for their lives […] at all times.” Authorities found no signs of a struggle at the recovered Jamison truck, further propelling theorists to claim the Jamisons willingly went with an unknown party, i.e., federal marshals.