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Super Bowl
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The Fallout From The "Nipplegate" Super Bowl Incident

Updated 14 Oct 2019 10.0k views12 items

Talks of a Justin Timberlake Super Bowl performance sent the Internet into an uproar, with a large number of voices expressing confusion and anger over this rather obvious double standard considering Janet Jackson is banned from the Super Bowl. But why can't Janet Jackson do the Super Bowl, you might be asking, especially if you're 14-years-old or younger? Well, it all started with a memorable Super Bowl halftime performance known years later as "Nipplegate." After going through a medley of her greatest songs, Janet Jackson brought out Timberlake to perform alongside her. A subsequent "wardrobe malfunction" lead to Jackson's nipple being visible onscreen for less than a second, just long enough to entirely change the world.

So now, Justin Timberlake might come back to the Super Bowl, an event where Jackson remains unable to perform to this day. Though Timberlake would definitely give a great show, the double standards behind the decision to let him perform are obvious to anyone. And the more you delve into the details, the more you realize the least offensive and dispicable aspect of this whole fiasco is an exposed nipple.

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