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Fascinating Stories From Janis Joplin's Personal Life

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Even after more than 50 years, Janis Joplin's songs continue to resonate with music fans across the world. When she was alive, Joplin's electric stage presence and dynamic vocals fascinated fans during her concerts, and Joplin's personal life was wild enough to continue the intrigue between performances.

Janis Joplin's relationships quickly became the stuff of legend. She dated both men and women at a time when overall societal views were more narrow - in spite of the hippie free love ethos. Despite living a regretfully short, drug-stunted life, Joplin found time to become romantically entangled with several people who went on to do great things themselves.

Today, the way Joplin lived continues to enthrall. And just like her lyrics, her lifestyle produced great stories.

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