Weird History How Japan Once Planned To Blow Up America With 9000 Balloons  

Mick Jacobs

When you picture weapons of warfare, you typically picture firearms, bombs, and tanks. But footage from WWII shows a completely different type of weapon used by the Japanese: balloons.

As the America and Japan engaged in the Asia-Pacific War, Japan sought to utilize the vast ocean between the two countries to its military advantage. In theory, the jet stream above the Pacific provided a current for the Japanese to direct attacks towards the mainland United States.

Japan had dreams of the balloon's destructive success, creating thousands of them to use against the States. But alas, these dreams deflated faster than a balloon in the rain.

The balloons proved to be a failure and inflicted very minor, though historically significant, blows against the States. Watch the video below to see how balloons became a part of war.