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15 Japanese Bands You Should Listen to If You Love Anime Intros

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Admit it. No matter how many times you've listened to an anime opening song, you just gotta listen to it again and again. There's no shame in enjoying the rocking anime tunes at the beginning (or end) of your favorite shows. However, there's more great Japanese music out there that you're missing out on. The toe-tapping anime music you love doesn't end at your favorite show; it's only the beginning of your musical journey. 

If you're a music lover that's craving for more anime-inspired music, then you don't want to miss out on these great Japanese bands. These 15 Japanese bands from anime are rich in diversity too. There's a little something here for lovers of pop music, alternative rock, ska, hip-hop, and more. 

Get those headphones ready. Here are 15 Japanese bands you should listen to if you love anime intros. Want more anime music? Check out the best anime soundtracks as ranked by fans.