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The Craziest Japanese Fashion Trends

Ah, Japan: birthplace of sushi, tentacle porn, and some of the strangest fashion trends you've laid your eyes on. A steady history of traditionalism juxtaposed with an incredibly new technologically-influenced society has led to some amazing movements in Japanese counter-culture. What are the most bizarre and weird fashion trends that have come out of Japan and Japanese culture?

It's not just punk rockers and anti establishment-ers who get to have all the fun. Mainstream Japanese trends have historically been just as flashy, strange, and inventive as some of the weirdest fringe fashion trends and styles in America and other countries. Generally characterized by bright colors, lots of makeup, and a sense of innocence, Japanese fashion is quite unique.

What are the weirdest Japanese fashion trends of all time? Take a look at this list be sure to upvote the fashion trends from Japan that you think are the most outrageous of them all.
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    Decora is loosely translated as, "wear everything in your closet at once so you look like a monster made out of laundry, from a '90s cartoon." Also, lots of hair clips and rainbows.
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    The Tokyo Rockabilly Club often borrows their look from classic 1950s greasers (think Cry-Baby and Grease). 
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    Orange skin, combined with paled out eyes and lips and Barbie hair may not scream counterculture, but the Gyaru trend actually originated from fashion-forward youngsters who wanted to rebel against traditional Japanese beauty ideals.
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    Me No Shita Chiiku/Byojaku

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    Me no shita chiiku (roughly translated to "under-eye blush), is a fashion trend sweeping Japan. Girls will apply bright pink or red makeup underneath their eyes to give the appearance that they are byojaku (sickly). Byojaku is characterized by red, puffy eyes and pale skin, making the wearer look as though she is fragile, and in need of someone to take care of her.
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