A Look Into Japan's Luxury Fruit Obsession, Where Melons Sell For Thousands

Japan has garnered a reputation around the globe for having uniquely wonderful values and traditions that are not present elsewhere. The country was largely isolated from the Western world for centuries, yet as it has become a world power-player in commerce and culture, it's attracted attention from outsiders who are attracted to everything Japan has to offer from adorable anime to artful sushi

One of the most eccentric things at which many foreigners have marveled and now embrace are Japanese luxury fruits. This colorful and distinctively shaped produce is the most expensive fruit in the world, and regularly sell for prices that are three times what someone in the United States would expect to pay. Specially developed over time, the luxurious, high quality fruits of Japan can reach astronomical prices, with some even selling for tens of thousands of dollars at auction.

While it may be difficult to understand exactly why fruit is so expensive in this country, you might understand after seeing how much hard work goes into producing them and the importance they have in Japanese society.