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The Best Jaqen H'ghar Quotes from Game of Thrones

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With "Game of Thrones" George R.R. Martin crafted a universe full of (tons and tons and tons) complicated and complex characters. Many of the main characters have strong, individualized voices and even out of context, almost any quote can be quickly placed to its speaker. Jaqen H'ghar is no exception. He speaks with authority, with experience, and with a distinct syntax style: "a man says... a girl says... a boy does..."

Though he only appears in six episodes and has very little backstory, he is a criminal from the free cities, and one of the Faceless Men, able to change his appearance and start over with a new name. Arya Stark frees Jaqen and two others, giving them life, for which Jaqen owes her three lives of her choosing.

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    The Third And Final Name

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    "A girl gives a man his own name?"
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    Returning Stolen Goods

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    "You stole three deaths from the red god. We have to give them back."
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    Death Is Certain

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    "A minute, an hour, a month. Death is certain. The time is not."
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    Many Names

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    "If you would learn you must come with me… The girl has many names on her lips: Cersei, Joffrey, Tywin Lannister, Ilyn Payne, the Hound. Names to offer the Red God. She could offer them all… One by one."
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