film Ranking All 100+ Jason Voorhees Kill Scenes in the Friday the 13th Franchise  

Christopher Myers
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The Friday the 13th franchise owes a lot to Jason Voorhees. The immortal man-demon has killed over 153 people, depending on how you count it. That is a lot of kills for one slasher (the most, in fact). In honor of this groundbreaking feat, this is a compilation of all the kill scenes with which Jason can be credited.

Here are the ground rules: Kills that occur in dream sequences don't count. Kills that occur off-screen don't count (they are not scenes). Virtual reality holograms don't count. Robots don't count. The 2009 remake doesn't count, as it operates in a different universe. Kills that are carried out by someone being possessed by Jason do count. Let the blood bath begin.

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Jason shows us the subtle difference between a sleeping bag and a body bag.

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If you keep making that face, it will freeze like that.

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A machete to the face is one thing, but pushing a guy in a wheelchair down the stairs is just mean.

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This is why it is a bad idea to walk around on your hands. Ouch.