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Jason Statham's Résumé Of Cinematic Jobs, Ranked By Whether You'd Hire Him

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Jason Statham is probably the closest you'll find to a professional bad*ss. The British actor just exudes coolness, no matter what role he's playing - and he's played a lot of roles. Statham has quite the movie résumé, and that's not only a reference to his long list of credits. His characters have tons of experience in a wide variety of career fields, from driving services to the restaurant industry. In the last couple of decades, he's played a spy, a cop, a car salesman, a paleontologist, and people with a whole bunch of other random jobs.

Statham's onscreen résumé would blow the average person's out of the water, but he hasn't always been successful at every job he's tried. Sometimes he drops the ball like the rest of us, but there's no denying he's a committed employee. Which job do you think Jason Statham is most qualified to perform?

  • Assassin
    Photo: Furious 7 / Universal Pictures

    When And Where: Crank franchise; Fast & Furious franchise; Mechanic franchise

    Skills: Proficiency with a variety of "tools" and poisons, proficient driver of cars and motorcycles, special forces training

    Professional Accomplishments: Survived being injected with a life-ending toxin, beat Luke Hobbs (The Rock) in a fight, took out the leader of a Colombian cartel

    Professional Failures: Betrayed by his boss, detained by Luke Hobbs

    Personal Reference: Luke Hobbs, Eve Lydon, Gina Thorton

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  • Mercenary
    Photo: The Expendables 3 / Lionsgate

    When And Where: The Expendables franchise

    Skills: Blade specialist, undercover reconnaissance, tactical expert

    Professional Accomplishments: Founding member of mercenary group The Expendables, helped depose an authoritarian Latin American government, helped free an enslaved village

    Professional Failures: Betrayed by a former Expendable

    Personal Reference: Barney Ross, Gunner Jensen, Toll Road

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  • Driver
    Photo: Transporter 3 / Lionsgate

    When And Where: The Transporter franchise; The Italian Job; Death Race; RedemptionFast & Furious franchise

    Skills: Safe transportation of humans and cargo, extreme speed when necessary, stays cool in stressful situations, discretion on sensitive jobs, can perform basic maintenance, can drive stick, can also fly planes

    Professional Accomplishments: Drove for NASCAR, survived a Death Race, involved in the getaway of several successful heists

    Professional Failures: Has been detained by police numerous times, has been involved in severe wrecks, will occasionally slay unruly clients

    Personal Reference: Lai Kwai, Dominic Toretto

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  • Courier
    Photo: Collateral / Dreamworks Pictures

    When And Where: Collateral, The Transporter franchise

    Skills: Punctuality, speedy deliveries, small talk, carrying briefcases, hand-to-hand combat

    Professional Accomplishments: Successfully delivered a briefcase, transported sensitive materials on at least three occasions

    Professional Failures: None

    Personal Reference: Vincent

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