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No Humanity Left: The Awful Life And Crimes Of Javed Iqbal, Killer Of 100 Boys

April 26, 2017 50.6k views14 items

In less than a year, Javed Iqbal, a middle-aged Pakistani man, allegedly raped and killed 100 young boys and teenagers, taking advantage of apathetic attitudes towards poor children to commit his disturbing crimes. Many of Iqbal's victims weren't reported missing to police until months after they had disappeared, making it possible for him to take 100 lives before law enforcement even learned the young boys had vanished. 

When this Pakistani serial killer's crimes came to light, parents of missing children desperately tried to learn if their sons had died at the hands of Iqbal, forcing mothers and fathers to sort through evidence taken from the murderer's home.

After he turned himself in and was convicted of the killings, Iqbal was given a severe sentence designed to subject him to the same merciless acts he'd visited on 100 children. Even after he died in prison, Iqbal is remembered as one of the worst serial killers who murdered boys, making him a dark figure in Pakistan's history.

  • He Killed 100 Young Boys

    Over the course of just eight months, businessman Javed Iqbal reportedly murdered 100 boys, ranging in age from 6 to 16, while he was living in the city of Lahore, Pakistan. From May to December 1999, Iqbal (who was 43 years old at the time) drugged, sodomized, and sexually assaulted the boys, many of whom were poor children who lived on the streets of Pakistan, before strangling them to death with a chain.

    After killing the boys, Iqbal disremembered their bodies and placed their remains in large vats of hydrochloric acid to dissolved his victims' flesh and bones. Then, once the boys' bodies were reduced to little more than liquid, Iqbal poured the contents of the barrels into the sewer or a river near his home.

  • He’d Been Arrested Multiple Times For Sodomizing Children

    Prior to the start of his killing spree, multiple criminal complaints were filed against Iqbal, accusing him of sexually assaulting and sodomizing children. However, Iqbal’s father was a respected and powerful businessman in Lahore, and he used his influence to keep his son out of jail.

    Consequently, prior to his murder spree in 1999, Iqbal was never convicted of sodomy, leaving him free to eventually take the lives of 100 children. However, Iqbal later said that when he was arrested and questioned by police, he was beaten and brutalized, and he claimed the abuse he suffered at the hands of law enforcement motivated him to kill young boys and teenagers.

  • He Came From A Very Wealthy Family

    One of the main reasons Javed Iqbal was able to get away with raping and sexually assaulting children over the course of several years was because his father was an incredibly wealthy stock market trader who had amassed a large fortune. Iqbal’s father Mohammed bought his son a villa to live in, and he also helped his son start a steel recasting business in 1978 that allowed Iqbal to enjoy a lavish lifestyle.

    After Mohammed passed away in 1993, Iqbal, who was in his late 30s at the time, inherited more than 3 million rupees from his father’s estate, making him even richer. Iqbal used this windfall to build a massive home, complete with a swimming pool, as well as to purchase four different vehicles.

  • He Started Businesses To Help Him Find Boys To Rape

    Using the considerable inheritance he received after his father’s death, Iqbal opened a number of different businesses designed to help him meet and sexually assault young boys and teenagers. One of these businesses was a video store, where Iqbal reportedly left money on the floor of the shop, waiting to see which of his young customers would pick up the cash. Then, Iqbal would accuse the boy of trying to steal from him, and he would take the "thief" into another room, presumably for some sort of punishment, and sodomize the child.

    After the video game shop closed, Iqbal opened more businesses, including an aquarium, a gym, a general store, and even a school, but none of these entrepreneurial endeavors lasted for very long because parents were afraid to let their children go to places run by Iqbal.

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