Film List of Films Scored By Jay Ferguson

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List of movies with music composed by Jay Ferguson, listed alphabetically with trailers of the movies when available. This list includes any film scores composed by Jay Ferguson, ranging from smaller indie movies to larger blockbuster pictures. Film composers are responsible for writing and composing the music that plays during the movie, which is particularly important for dramas and adventure movies- imagine what Lord of the Rings would have sounded like without an amazing score. Useful bits of trivia are can be found below, such as who directed each film scored by Jay Ferguson and when the movie was first released. Jay Ferguson is a world renowned film composer, so if you're a music buff use this list to find the names of Jay Ferguson soundtracks that you haven't heard before.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child and License to Drive are only the beginning of the movies on this list.

This Jay Ferguson films list can help answer the question, "Which movies were scored by Jay Ferguson?"

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1 a Minute 1 a Minute is a docu-drama film written and directed by Indian American actress Namrata Singh Gujral, and is based on her own life and the lives of other women who suffered from cancer.

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A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child Robert Englund, Lisa Wilcox, Wally George A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child is a 1989 American slasher horror film and the fifth film in the Nightmare on Elm Street series. It was directed by Stephen Hopkins, stars Robert ...more

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Americanizing Shelley Noureen DeWulf, Wil Wheaton, Beau Bridges Americanizing Shelley is a 2007 Hollywood romantic comedy film with some Bollywood elements. It stars Beau Bridges, Namrata Singh Gujral playing the title role of Shelley, Shaheen Khan, Wil ...more

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Bad Dreams E.G. Daily, Melissa Francis, Dean Cameron Bad Dreams is a 1988 American horror film directed and co-written by Andrew Fleming and starring Jennifer Rubin, Bruce Abbott, E.G. Daily, Harris Yulin and Richard Lynch. It was produced by Gale ...more

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Best Seller James Woods, Brian Dennehy, George Coe Best Seller is a 1987 crime film written by Larry Cohen, directed by John Flynn and starring James Woods and Brian Dennehy. The film tells the story of Cleve, a career hitman, who wants to turn ...more

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Double Dragon Alyssa Milano, Andy Dick, Vanna White Double Dragon is a 1994 live-action film loosely based on the Double Dragon video game series. This film was directed by James Yukich and stars Mark Dacascos and Scott Wolf as brothers Jimmy and ...more

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Johnny Be Good Robert Downey Jr., Uma Thurman, Jennifer Tilly Johnny Be Good is a 1988 American comedy film directed by Bud Smith, starring Anthony Michael Hall as the main character, Johnny Walker. The film also features Robert Downey Jr., Steve James, ...more

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License to Drive Heather Graham, Corey Feldman, Corey Haim License to Drive is a 1988 teen adventure film starring Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, Heather Graham, Carol Kane, Richard Masur, Michael Manasseri, and Nina Siemaszko. The film was written by Neil ...more

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Pulse Joey Lawrence, Matthew Lawrence, Cliff DeYoung Pulse is a 1988 science-fiction horror film written and directed by Paul Golding, drawing influence from previous works of science fiction and horror, and starring Cliff De Young, Roxanne Hart, ...more

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Quiet Cool James Remar, Nick Cassavetes, Fran Ryan Quiet Cool is a 1986 action film, directed by Clay Borris.

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The Patriot Leslie Nielsen, Jeff Conaway, Michael J. Pollard The Patriot is a 1986 action film directed by Frank Harris and starring Gregg Henry and Simone Griffeth with Leslie Nielsen.

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Tremors 2: Aftershocks Fred Ward, Michael Gross, Helen Shaver Tremors II: Aftershocks is a 1996 direct-to-video sequel to Tremors, in which the character of Earl Bassett, returning from the first film, is hired to deal with a subterranean ...more

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Tremors 4: The Legend Begins Michael Gross, Billy Drago, August Schellenberg Tremors 4: The Legend Begins is a 2004 direct-to-video western monster film directed S. S. Wilson, and was written by Brent Maddock, Nancy Roberts, and Wilson. It is the fourth film in the ...more

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When Andrew Came Home Jason Beghe, Park Overall, Craig Eldridge When Andrew Came Home or Taming Andrew is a 2000 American drama television film, based on a true story and directed by Artie Mandelberg.