Unspeakable Times

People Who Killed Out Of Jealousy

Whether it's because of a friend, an ex, or a family member, we've all felt the familiar sting of jealousy. "Thou shalt not covet" might be a good rule and all, but jealousy is a human emotion that's often hard to turn on and off. The following people held so little control over their feelings of jealousy that they ended up killing because of them. In many cases, the jealousy started out small and grew bigger and bigger to eventually take over their every thought and action. These criminals remind us that allowing jealousy to consume you can end in horrific tragedy. 

  • Gertrude Baniszewski Tortured And Killed A Teen Girl
    Photo: Indianapolis Police Department / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    In a highly disturbing murder case, now infamous Gertrude Baniszewski viciously tortured and murdered 16-year-old Sylvia Liken in 1965. Liken and her younger sister were placed under Baniszewski's care for several months by their parents who worked for a traveling carnival.

    During this time, Baniszewski developed an inexplicable dislike for Sylvia, repeatedly accusing her of having loose morals and of sex work. Gertrude punished Sylvia with extreme physical and emotional abuse, encouraging her own teenaged children as well as other neighborhood children to participate and to watch.  Sylvia was beaten, burned with cigarettes and matches, cut, starved, and sexually abused. Once it became clear that Sylvia was near death, Gertrude devised a plan to claim that a neighborhood gang had beaten Sylvia to death. With the help of a neighbor boy, Gertrude carved into the skin of Sylvia's stomach "I am a prostitute and proud of it." However, police recognized evidence of Sylvia's long-term abuse and promptly arrested Gertrude. Sylvia's cause of death was determined to be brain swelling, internal hemorrhaging of the brain, and shock induced by extreme skin damage. She also suffered from extreme malnutrition. 

    Many have theorized about Baniszewski's motive for brutalizing Liken. Attorney Forrest Bowman, Jr., the defense attorney who represented two boys involved in the crime said of Gertrude, "She had a miserable life. What I think this was about was jealousy." In 2014 Bowman published the book Sylvia: The Likens Trial. Gertrude Baniszewski was let out on parole after just twenty years in prison and died in 1990.

  • Els Clottermans And A Very Strange Love Triangle

    Els Clottermans And A Very Strange Love Triangle
    Video: YouTube

    In a bizarre love triangle gone wrong, Belgian woman Els Clottermans murdered her skydiving partner and love rival, Els Van Doren. Clottermans and Van Doren both met and fell in love with the young and handsome Dutchman Marcel Somers at their parachute club in Zwartberg. Though the 38-year-old Van Doren was married, both she and Clottermans began sleeping with 25-year-old Somers according to a strict schedule: Clottermans had Fridays, Van Doren had Saturdays.

    About a week before the murder in 2006, Clottermans spent the night on Somers's couch, where she overheard Van Doren and Somers in his bedroom. Spying Van Doren's parachute within reach, she tampered with the release strings. When the trio all went on a sky-diving trip together the following week, Van Doren plummeted to her death. Sentenced to thirty years in prison, Clottermans is eligible for parole after 10 years.  

  • Sarah Williams And Kitt Walsh Plotted For Over A Year

    Sarah Williams And Kitt Walsh Plotted For Over A Year
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    When 60-year-old businesswoman Sadie Hartley got back together with her old boyfriend Ian Johnston, she had no idea the jealous rivalry she ignited. Sarah Williams, 35, had slept with Johnston while he was single and seemingly became obsessed. The pair continued to communicate through occasional sexting once he was back together with Hartley.

    But Williams saw one roadblock, and that roadblock was Hartley. So she enlisted her longtime friend, Katrina Walsh, to plan the perfect murder. The two women spent more than a year plotting ways to kill Hartley, which Walsh documented meticulously in her diary. In January 2016, after enacting a "dry run" of the crime with a fake flower delivery, Williams entered Hartley's home, used a cattle prod to stun her, and stabbed her 41 times to death.

    Despite all of their planning, the two were apprehended not long afterward, and both were found guilty of murder and given life sentences.

  • Melanie Smith Burned Her Neighbors To Death Because They Were Happy

    In 2013, Melanie Smith was convicted of five counts of murder and branded by her own adult children as "the most evil woman in Britain" after she set fire to her flat building, killing the upstairs residents. Smith had grown jealous and resentful of her upstairs neighbor Lee Anna Shiers and her happy relationship with partner Liam Timbrell, particularly because of Smith's tempestuous relationship with her own boyfriend who she often suspected of cheating.

    After hearing Shiers and Timbrell having sex one night, Smith became increasingly angry and lit the pram Shiers often left in the hallway on fire. The ensuing blaze killed not only Shiers and Timbrell, but her young son, nephew, and niece, who were all staying with her that night. Smith was sentenced to 30 years.