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The Loveable Weirdness of Jeff Goldblum Is Exactly What The World Needs Right Now

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Jeff Goldblum is weird in the best way. Some part of that weirdness is no doubt a skill that he can turn off and on, but some of his strange mannerisms are so ingrained, it seems like he doesn’t even know he’s being a big beautiful weirdo. Thanks to late-night TV (and his new Disney+ docuseries, where he uncovers the history behind everything from tattoos to ice cream), we have a lot of great instances of Jeff Goldblum being weird. Weird Goldblum stories have been circulating since the '70s, and most of them come from the actor himself. As Goldblum has been known to say, he’s an open-faced sandwich. Time to learn the recipe. 

The best thing about funny Jeff Goldblum stories is that most seem to occur naturally. Judging from the way he chats with interviewers and responds to fan questions, it doesn’t seem like he’s holed up in a Goldblum cave thinking of ways to freak people out. He's just a strange, spontaneous dude. You never know what Goldblum will do.

Through these Jeff Goldblum true stories you’ll learn what he gets up to at weddings, and what he thinks about the sandwich (hint: love is not a strong enough word for Goldblum and sandos). As idiosyncratic as Jeff Goldblum can be, so many great movies wouldn’t be the same without him. Long live the weirdness of Jeff Goldblum.

  • When He Marveled Over Email

    Video: YouTube
    Was anyone as excited about email as Jeff Goldblum in these iMac ads from the mid '90s? What do you think Goldblum's first email address was? Jurassic.Park.Stud@aol.com? Flyguy69@hotmail.com? Goldbloominonion@yahoo.com? The world may never know.
  • When He Sold Waitmate

    Video: YouTube
    Pretty much anything that Goldblum has done with Tim and Eric has been incredibly strange, but the first few moments of this faux commercial for a sleeping pill are some of the strangest ever committed to video. 
  • When He Switched Jackets With Conan

    Video: YouTube
    At some point in the 21st century, Jeff Goldblum became a hipster dad (Andy Richter calls his look the "gentleman greaser") who wears leather jackets and probably has a Ramones tattoo. During an appearance on Conan O'Brien in 2016, the Blum and Coco traded jackets, and while the seasoned host does most of the heavy lifting in the segment, it's still strange to see Goldblum look like a somewhat normal human being for about ten seconds. Also, his delivery of the phrase, "That's why I call you snowflake" will haunt your dreams. 
  • When He Starred in This GE Ad

    Video: YouTube
    Jeff Goldblum, seemingly making a beeline to the weirdest people he could find, appeared in an ad for GE's Link light bulbs, directed by Adult Swim wunderkinds Tim and Eric. You should watch it and choose the part that makes you feel the least comfortable, because the whole damn thing is so weird it's hard to single anything out.