The “Roofman” Escaped Prison And Secretly Lived Behind The Bikes At Toys R Us For Months

If you saw a movie about Jeffrey Manchester, an escaped criminal found living in Toys 'R Us, you would think it was a little too over the top. But everything about Manchester, or “Roofman” as he was known to law enforcement across the country, was over the top. The true story of the Roofman has everything from a crime spree, to a daring daylight prison break, to a secret crime lair filled with Spider-Man paraphernalia. These Jeffrey Manchester crime facts are mind boggling in how outlandish they are and when you’re finished you’ll never look at the bike rack of a toy store the same way again.

Manchester’s story of crime exists in two parts. The first follows his ascendance to the rank of Roofman, a burglar who broke into restaurants and politely robbed the place at gunpoint. After his arrest, he mysteriously vanished from a North Carolina prison only to be found living in a home made apartment inside of a Toys ‘R Us. Somehow the story gets ever weirder.