Which Cat From 'Cats' Would You Be, According To Your Zodiac Sign?

Since 1981, musical and feline fans alike haven't stopped quoting or singing songs from Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cats. The musical's pack of Jellicle cats are a wild bunch, and each one expresses unique feelings and thoughts as the action progresses through the night.

Deciding who will ascend to the Heaviside Layer is no easy task, especially when you're dealing with a bunch of opinionated cats. From Bombularina to Old Deuteronomy, each Jellicle brings something different to the table. The astral alignments have carved special paths for these crooning felines, and it's pretty obvious where each main Jellicle lands on the Sun sign chart.

In honor of the 2019 Cats movie, look below to see which Jellicle from the new adaptation you are based on your astrological sign.