Jenna & Bodhi Elfman Share Their Guiltiest Pleasures

Jenna and Bodhi Elfman, the hosts of the Kicking and Screaming podcast, have been a couple for over 26 years, so they know a thing or two about being in a relationship. When you've been together as long as the Elfmans, you're likely to have a guilty pleasure or two that you can sneak in in order to keep things fresh. Or maybe they're just signs of how incredibly comfortable you are together. Either way, the duo breaks down their list of guilty pleasures exclusively on the Ranker Podcast.

Listen above and let's get Rankin!

Photo: Nerdist Industries

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    Scrolling Through Social Media Feeds

    Jenna Elfman: You know how some people like to dig into a Haagen Dazs? That's what scrolling through social media is for me. I get in bed, get the pillows right, shut him out, and get everything just right. It's like crawling into a little cave of silent blackness.

    Bodhi Elfman: I'll come home late at night and everything is dark except for the little light from the phone reflecting off her reading glasses.

    How does Bodhi respond to when he sees that light? Listen to the podcast to find out!
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    Sleeping, Just Sleeping

    JE: You're going to miss this later.

    Discover more guilty pleasures by listening to the full episode in the player at the very top of this page!
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    Trying to Sneak in Some Covert Sex

    BE: Our kids have a sixth sense that they know when we're trying to have sex. They can feel if it's a Saturday morning, and we're in the bedroom, they somehow know.

    JE: Kids are like little f*****g Jedis.
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    Relaxing When The Kids Aren't Home

    BE: When the kids aren't around, or at a sleep-over, we'll bust out the pajamas. Jenna will grab a fashion magazine and I'll jump on YouTube and watch stupid videos and it's the best.

    Listen to what else happens at the Elfman home via the player at the top of the list!
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    Going to Movies at Night

    BE: Go during the week because it will never happen again.