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Jenna & Bodhi Elfman List Things No Wedding Really Needs

Jenna and Bodhi Elfman have been married for a loooooooooooong time, so when they stop by the Ranker Podcast, they naturally talk about weddings. Since they know a thing or two about being in a relationship, and for that matter, being married, they're here to offer you some advice on what you REALLY need at your wedding. This guide will save you quite a few headaches and, more importantly, quite a few bucks.

As a bonus, Dan chimes in with a few things he doesn't think you should have at your wedding either!

Let's get rankin!

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    Keepsakes with Your Name and Wedding Date Aren't Cool

    Jenna Elfman: In the middle of the table, there's keepsake for the guest to take home with them. It's either a paperweight or a framed thing with the bride and groom's name engraved on it with the date of the wedding. 

    Bodhi Elfman: It's so stupid.

    JE: I don't f*****g want to take anything to my home with your name and wedding date on it!
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    Destination Weddings Keep It Exclusive

    DK: You weed out the noise by having a wedding far away. People who are there want to be there. 

    BE: You only want the good s**t.

    For Jenna's contrary opinion, listen to the whole episode!
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    Let Annoying Friends Be Annoying Friends

    Daniel Kohn: They're everywhere. Not just annoying in the sense that they cry, annoying in the sense that they make the wedding about them, and it isn't!
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    Vet DJs and Wedding Bands Thoroughly

    BE: You gotta make it tits or don't do it all. We went to a wedding a long time ago where the guys in the band got drunk, did the toasts wrong.

    JE: He loved hearing himself and the vibration of his own soundwaves and we had to then endure the DJ...

    That isn't even the worst thing that happened, listen above to hear how this wedding horror story ended!