Her Car Was Recovered Barely A Mile From Her Home - But No Trace Of Her Has Ever Been Found  

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Missing persons cases are often some of the most difficult for law enforcement to investigate and solve. There are thousands of people who disappear under mysterious circumstances all around the world. In many of these instances, the person involved may well have seemed to just vanish from the surface of the Earth, leaving behind almost no evidence of what happened to them. This is precisely the case with the Jennifer Kesse disappearance.

Kesse went missing in 2006, and despite widespread media attention and extensive searches by police and the FBI, there has been no information regarding where she is or who might have been responsible. The distinct lack of evidence and leads in the investigation means no one is sure what happened to Kesse, even 12 years after her disappearance.

Jennifer Kesse Was Just 24 When She Went Missing
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Kesse was just 24-years-old when she went missing on January 24, 2006. The former University of Central Florida student had graduated in 2003, and had only recently started her new job as a finance manager. She even bought a condo in the months leading up to her disappearance. A week before she was last seen, Kesse had also visited the Virgin Islands with her boyfriend.

The last information known about her whereabouts, was she left work at Central Florida Investments Timeshare Company the night before she went missing, and had made several calls to family members that night.

Police Believe Kesse Was Abducted On Her Way To Work

It soon became clear to her family and co-workers that something was wrong. When she didn’t show up for work on January 24, 2006, without calling in to explain - despite having an important meeting - fellow employees contacted her parents to express their concern. Her boyfriend had also tried to contact Kesse that morning, as they often spoke at that time, but was unable to get in contact with her. All calls were simply being sent straight to her voicemail, suggesting that the phone had been turned off.

When her parents arrived at the condo, they discovered nothing was out of place. Dirty and wet clothes were laid out on the floor, and it was clear that Kesse had showered and left the building without anything out of the ordinary happening. Based on this evidence, police investigators believed that she had left her home and was abducted, either on the walk to her car, or while she was traveling to work.

Kesse's Disappearance Puzzled Investigators

There was no sign of a struggle at her home, and no evidence that anyone other than Kesse had been in the condo on the morning of January 24. This meant there were no clues pertaining to what had happened to the victim. All they could theorize is that the 24-year-old had been abducted at some point after she had left her apartment, but before she had made it to work.

Investigators could also find no possible motivation for her leaving voluntarily. Kesse was enjoying her job and had recently been on holiday with her boyfriend, seemingly having no personal problems that would force her into disappearing.

Kesse's Car Was Found Parked Just Over A Mile Away From Her Home
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The only real breakthrough in the case came when a local person reported that a car similar to Kesse’s was parked outside of the caller's apartment. Investigators were quickly able to determine that this was the victim’s car. Astoundingly, the apartment complex was just 1.2 miles away from Kesse’s own home.

Police discovered that there were several surveillance cameras on the surrounding buildings, and found footage that showed the car being parked at around noon, on the day that she went missing. It also showed an unknown figure getting out of the car and walking away.