Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Jennifer Lawrence's Sex Life

After breaking worldwide box office records with The Hunger Games film series, Jennifer Lawrence became the most sought-after woman in Hollywood. And when you hit that level of fame, it’s only a matter of time before your private life is the stuff of front-page news. It can be a drag when people only want to talk about whether or not she's dating someone or if she’s comfortable in sex scenes with her hunky costars, but Lawrence seems to handle all of the attention like an old pro. Lucky for you, she doesn’t shy away from discussing the goings-on in her boudoir, and we were able to compile a list of everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Jennifer Lawrence’s sex life.

After checking out this list of Jennifer Lawrence NSFW info, you’ll find out that the things that make Jennifer Lawrence sexy aren’t just her awesome bod or her photogenic face but also her quick wit and ability to own up to being a total dork who has mad crushes on 60 year old comedians. If you’ve been trying to figure out what’s going on behind the closed doors of one of the world’s biggest celebrities, it's time to read this list. Vote up the most interesting tidbit about Jennifer Lawrence’s sex life!

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    She Loves A Unique Mind

    In 2014, while discussing her then boyfriend Nicholas Hoult, Lawrence mentioned that she likes someone who's funny and intelligent because, "Looks fade very quickly. I love a unique mind. Somebody who's his own person."

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    She Gets Anxious About Filming Sex Scenes

    Specifically when it's with super hunk Chris Pratt.

    She told The Hollywood Reporter that she got drunk to film her scene and felt guilt over having fake sex with Pratt for the 2016 film Passengers because he's married. 

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    She Doesn't Dwell On Her Nude Leaks

    When speaking about the fact that her n00dz were stolen by trolls, Lawrence remarked, "It was all pain and no gain. But I don’t dwell on it unless someone brings it up. Have you seen me naked?” 

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    Someone Bought Her a Bunch of Butt Plugs

    While speaking to Conan O'Brien about people snooping through her stuff in hotels, Lawrence dropped some knowledge about "someone" gifting her "a copious amount of butt plugs."

    Note that Lawrence never said what happened to the "tons of butt plugs."

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    She Refused To Be Bieber's Bae

    She Refused To Be Bieber's Bae
    Photo: Daniel Ogren / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 2.0

    Back in 2015, Justin Bieber said that he wanted to make Jennifer Lawrence his bae. "She's so sexy. She's unbelievable. She's so cute."

    To which Lawrence responded, "I'm going to say a hard no." Ouch. 

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    She Doesn't Think There's Anything Wrong with Being Alone

    After the press made such a big deal about Lawrence's comments about having no sex, she went on the defensive and made sure that people knew that she didn't feel bad about being alone.

    "It's not a sad thing to be alone," she said. "I think what I was trying to get across was that I don't feel a lack of something not being in a relationship. I don't feel like there is an emotional void to be filled."

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