The Final Jeopardy Questions That Eliminated The Longest-Running Champions Of All Time

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Jeopardy! isn't an easy game, and even all-time dominant players like Ken Jennings and Amy Schneider eventually come up against questions they simply don't know. These are the Final Jeopardy questions that led to the show's all-time longest-tenured champions finally losing. Some contestants missed the question outright, while others knew it and lost because of their wager, but either way, they'll never forget these questions now.

Did you know the Final Jeopardy question that eliminated Amy Schneider? How many of them would you have known?

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    Matt Jackson - 'U.S. Landmarks'

    Matt Jackson - 'U.S. Landmarks'
    Photo: J! Archive











    Correct Answer:

    What is the Space Needle?

    Matt's Answer:

    What is the Kennedy Center?

    Matt's Total Winnings:


    Matt's Total Game-Winning Streak:

    13 games

    487 votes
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    Julia Collins - 'Oscar-Winning Writers'











    Correct Answer:

    Who is John Irving?

    Julia's Answer:

    Who is Michael Chabon?

    Julia's Total Winnings:


    Julia's Total Game-Winning Streak:

    20 games

    434 votes
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    Jason Zuffranieri - 'World Landmarks' 

    Jason Zuffranieri - 'World Landmarks' 
    Photo: J! Archive











    Correct Answer:

    What is the Sydney Opera House?

    Jason's Answer:

    What is the Prado?

    Jason's Total Winnings:


    Jason's Total Game-Winning Streak:

    19 games

    312 votes
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    James Holzhauer - 'Shakespeare's Time'











    Correct Answer:

    Who is Christopher Marlowe?

    James's Answer:

    Who is Christopher Marlowe?* (*Holzhauer trailed challenger Emma Boettcher heading into Final Jeopardy, so he bet modestly and needed her to miss the question to win. She got it right.)

    James's Total Winnings:


    James's Total Game-Winning Streak:

    32 games

    268 votes
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    Seth Wilson - 'The Economy'











    Correct Answer:

    What is "too big to fail"?

    Seth's Answer:

    What is "too big to fail"?* (* Wilson bet only $5 on Final Jeopardy because he thought the category might trip up all the contestants. All three got it right, though, and challenger Margie Eulner Ott's $17,000 wager carried her to victory.)

    Seth's Total Winnings:


    Seth's Total Game-Winning Streak:

    12 Games

    231 votes
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    David Madden - 'Ranks and Titles'

    David Madden - 'Ranks and Titles'
    Photo: J! Archive











    Correct Answer:

    Who is Julius Caesar?

    David's Answer:

    Who is Julius Caesar?* (*Madden came into Final Jeopardy trailing challenger Victoria Groce and couldn't catch her when she also came up with the correct response.)

    David's Total Winnings:


    David's Total Game-Winning Streak:

    12 games

    227 votes