Graveyard Shift

Jerome, Arizona Is Reportedly One Of The Most Haunted Towns In America

The town of Jerome, AZ, sits between Flagstaff and Prescott in the Black Hills of Yavapai County, and its strange history draws visitors year after year. Founded in 1876, Jerome was a mining town that quickly flourished when copper, gold, and silver were all found in the area. The town boasted a number of successful restaurants, gambling halls, and saloons, as well as an active red light district. In its heyday, Jerome had 15,000 residents, but by the 1950s, less than 200 people called Jerome home. Living residents, anyway.

Jerome is said to be the most haunted town in the state of Arizona, and perhaps even the United States. Things to do in Jerome include visiting a hospital-turned-hotel, where patients and staff allegedly still roam the halls. You can also visit the many saloons and bordellos that saw high levels of mischief and mayhem. There's even a phantom cat who's always happy to spend the night with visitors in its former home.

The history of Jerome, AZ, is complicated and a little murky, but these are some of the best known stories of hauntings and paranormal phenomena that the city has to offer.