The Crimes And Fetishes Of Serial Killer Jerry Brudos

The bizarre case of Jerry Brudos is unlike any other true crime tale in existence. Brudos developed an extreme fetish while still a child and even with psychiatric help, the obsession stayed with him. Eventually, Brudos became a serial killer with a nasty fetish.

The depraved man started small. He'd steal clothing from laundry lines and even break into homes to take women's underwear and lingerie. Soon, though, Brudos moved on to more violent crime. He would pick women at random, strangling them into unconsciousness to steal their shoes. The consuming foot fetish then led Brudos to kill. After murdering four women, (and police suspect there may have been more) the serial killer was finally apprehended. 

Continue reading to learn more about Jerry Brudos's bizarre interests and life of crime. 

  • After Killing Four Women, Jerry Brudos Was Finally Arrested

    After Killing Four Women, Jerry Brudos Was Finally Arrested
    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY

    22-year-old Linda Salee was another one of Jerry Brudos's unfortunate victims. The young woman was shopping for her boyfriend's birthday present at the mall when she was snatched. Brudos took Salee to his home, strangled her to death, and threw her body into the local river, his preferred dumping ground.

    After police discovered the three river-bound bodies, they began interviewing students at the University of Oregon. Some students mentioned a man who had asked several students on dates. Apparently, the man had also talked about the women who were being discovered in the river. Of course, that man was Jerry Brudos.

    The police obtained a search warrant for Brudos's home and found his incriminating photographs. The evidence was enough to arrest him. 

  • Jerry Brudos Stole From His First Victims

    Jerry Brudos Stole From His First Victims
    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY

    In May 1967, Jerry Brudos followed a woman to her home after admiring her shoes. Upon arrival, he strangled the woman until she passed out and then he raped her. Afterwards, he stole some shoes from her residence. Eight months later, Brudos's violence progressed when he met Linda Slawson.

    Slawson was going door-to-door selling encyclopedias and Brudos feigned interest in the books to get her inside his home. The man then proceeded to hit Slawson in the head and strangle her to death. Brudos kept Slawson's body for a while so that he could dress her in different types of lingerie. He also removed a foot from Slawson's body to use it as a display for his shoe collection. He kept the dislocated limb in his freezer.

  • At A Young Age, Brudos Stole Women's Shoes And Underwear

    At A Young Age, Brudos Stole Women's Shoes And Underwear
    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY

    Though Jerry Brudos's mother confiscated his first pair of women's shoes, the boy continued to desire high heels. He also took a special interest in women’s underwear. By the time Brudos entered elementary school, he had developed a habit of stealing women’s shoes and underwear without his family’s knowledge.

    At one point, the young Brudos even attempted to steal his teacher's extra pair of classroom shoes. Eventually, his thievery was discovered and he was sent to a mental hospital to unlearn the unhealthy habit.

  • Jerry Brudos Enjoyed Mutilating And Murdering College Students

    Jerry Brudos Enjoyed Mutilating And Murdering College Students
    Photo: Murderers, Mayhem and Crime Whorrors / Facebook

    Four months after killing college student Jan Whitney, Jerry Brudos noticed 19-year-old Karen Sprinker, a co-ed at Oregon State University. Sprinker was in a parking garage, getting ready to meet her mother for lunch when Brudos abducted her. He took the girl home, raped her, and then strangled her to death.

    Just like he did with Whitney, the killer removed Sprinker's breasts posthumously.