13 Reasons Jerry Is The Best Person In The World Of 'Parks and Rec'
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13 Reasons Jerry Is The Best Person In The World Of 'Parks and Rec'

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Parks and Recreation is one of the most wholesome shows of all time. While the entire cast is an absolute delight, Jim O'Heir's portrayal of Jerry Gergich is a standout among standouts. Jerry is probably the sweetest character on Parks & Rec (sorry, Leslie). He doesn't have a malicious bone in his body; it seems impossible for him to even hold a grudge. While he may be remembered as little more than the office punching bag, Jerry is completely pure of heart. He's a devoted husband, loving father, and brilliant artist, and he serves as Pawnee's mayor for decades. He's dedicated his retirement years to making Pawnee, IN, as great as it can be, but most people don't even know his real name is Garry. 

If you, like most of his coworkers, can't get over his dumb mistakes and social gaffes, it may be easy to overlook everything Jerry brings to the table. Everyone in the Pawnee Parks Department is lucky to have him as a coworker and know him as a friend. Below are all of the reasons that Jerry is the best citizen Pawnee could ever ask for.

  • He's A Dedicated Family Man
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    He's A Dedicated Family Man

    If there's one thing Jerry has going for him, it's his family. He's a devoted husband to his noticeably more attractive wife, Gayle, and a loving father to his three daughters. He cares for his family more than anything else in the world, and they seem to love him completely.

    His family life is basically the opposite of how he's treated in the Parks Department. At home, he's a rock star who's adored by everyone.

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  • He Has A Massive Positive Impact On The Community
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    He Has A Massive Positive Impact On The Community

    Improbably, Jerry Gergich is one of the most significant figures in Pawnee history, and that's not an understatement. After the passing of Pawnee mayor Walter Gunderson, Jerry is chosen to be interim mayor. In the series finale, we learn Jerry is so popular in office that he gets repeatedly re-elected for years to come, leaving a legacy as one of the town's most beloved leaders ever.

    He's a loyal civil servant right up until his passing at the ripe old age of 100.

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  • He's Polite To A Fault
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    He's Polite To A Fault

    If there's anything negative to say about Jerry, it's that he's too nice. He is constantly letting people walk all over him, often not even realizing he's the butt of the joke. He let his coworkers call him Jerry instead of Garry for 30 years - simply because he was too polite to correct them.

    He seems almost gleefully unaware that anything is wrong with his relationships, but that's okay. He wouldn't have it any other way.

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  • He's A Really Good Friend To Ben
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    He's A Really Good Friend To Ben

    There's only one person in the office who unapologetically considers Jerry a good friend, despite the damage this fact does to his reputation. It's Ben Wyatt, and he happily takes the hit to this social status to stick up for his friend.

    Jerry helps Ben plan a big surprise for his one-year anniversary with Leslie, but she's too busy to partake in the event. Ben and Jerry decide to celebrate together instead and enjoy a couple's massage, a ride in a horse-drawn carriage, and tango lessons. This changes Ben's perception of Jerry, prompting him to officially come out as Jerry's friend.

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  • He Invented Renewable Clean Energy
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    He Invented Renewable Clean Energy

    Jerry may be a klutz, but he's also a total genius. In Season 6's "Second Chunce," Jerry gets a chance to pitch one of his inventions to potential investors, including Tom and Ron. He whips out a device he claims can create clean, sustainable energy - which, if true, could revolutionize the entire world.

    Ron walks away from the pitch before Jerry even starts speaking, and the rest of the investors are far from impressed. Tom is disgusted after Jerry sneezes on the device, and a second sneeze sends Jerry's invention to the floor. It shatters, along with Jerry's dream of solving the oil crisis.

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  • He Doesn't Hold Any Grudges Against His Coworkers For Teasing Him
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    He Doesn't Hold Any Grudges Against His Coworkers For Teasing Him

    Honestly, the way Jerry is treated in the show would be horrendous if it weren't so funny. His coworkers ceaselessly rag on him, but Jerry takes it all in stride. While he might be momentarily hurt by his friends, he never holds a grudge against them.

    This is, after all, a guy who let people call him by the wrong name for 30 years. Despite his mistreatment, he always sticks up for his coworkers and even invites them all to his annual Christmas party.

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