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13 Reasons Jerry Is The Best Person In The World Of 'Parks and Rec'

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Parks and Recreation is one of the most wholesome shows of all time. While the entire cast is an absolute delight, Jim O'Heir's portrayal of Jerry Gergich is a standout among standouts. Jerry is probably the sweetest character on Parks & Rec (sorry, Leslie). He doesn't have a malicious bone in his body; it seems impossible for him to even hold a grudge. While he may be remembered as little more than the office punching bag, Jerry is completely pure of heart. He's a devoted husband, loving father, and brilliant artist, and he serves as Pawnee's mayor for decades. He's dedicated his retirement years to making Pawnee, IN, as great as it can be, but most people don't even know his real name is Garry. 

If you, like most of his coworkers, can't get over his dumb mistakes and social gaffes, it may be easy to overlook everything Jerry brings to the table. Everyone in the Pawnee Parks Department is lucky to have him as a coworker and know him as a friend. Below are all of the reasons that Jerry is the best citizen Pawnee could ever ask for.

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    He's Polite To A Fault

    If there's anything negative to say about Jerry, it's that he's too nice. He is constantly letting people walk all over him, often not even realizing he's the butt of the joke. He let his coworkers call him Jerry instead of Garry for 30 years - simply because he was too polite to correct them.

    He seems almost gleefully unaware that anything is wrong with his relationships, but that's okay. He wouldn't have it any other way.

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    He Cares About His Coworkers

    Even though his coworkers normally do everything in their power to avoid Jerry, he doesn't feel the same way about them. He cares about the people he works with, often going to great lengths to help them out.

    He talks Chris through some of his more depressing moments, and he always invites everyone to his annual Christmas party. He even helps Ben set up a big surprise for his one-year anniversary with Leslie. And when Ben and Leslie announce they're having triplets, Jerry offers to give them everything he's kept from when his three daughters were little.

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    He's An Incredible Artist

    Jerry has many talents, from notarizing to the fine arts. We first get a hint of his artistic prowess in the Season 2 episode "The Camel." After a public mural is defaced, everyone in the Parks Department presents their own version of what they believe should replace it. Jerry's entry is a beautiful pointillist depiction of a Cathedral made using small pictures of different Pawnee citizens. His coworkers are characteristically unimpressed, and mostly mock him for accidentally saying the word "murinal."

    His artistry comes up again in Season 3's "Jerry's Painting" after he paints a topless portrait of Leslie by mistake. His intention was just to paint a powerful woman and subconsciously made her look like Leslie.

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    He's A Perfectionist

    Jerry may mess things up all the time, but he's a perfectionist at heart. He's always willing to sit down and do the hard work - multiple times if he has to. He loves his job, and notarizing documents seems to give him tremendous pleasure. And despite his well-documented clumsiness, he manages to excel at practically everything he does.

    This includes art, engineering, music, and more.

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