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What Was The Political Situation In Jerusalem Like When Jesus Arrived?

Let's face facts: Jesus was, and continues to be one of the most influential people in history. Seriously, just look at these Jesus-based memes. We're still talking about the dude some 2,000 years later! Unfortunately, if you are going to make an impact like that, you are bound to piss off a lot of powerful people during your time here on Earth. The Son of God was no exception to the age old rule, "Haters gonna hate."

Crucifixion was not a one-time sort of thing for the Romans. Like many other governments throughout history, publicly displaying bodies was their way of saying, "Shut up and obey me."

So what exactly was going on in the Roman Empire that a guy who pretty much went around preaching, "Don't be a dick to each other" wound up executed in the most brutal of fashions? It turns out, there was more to it that most of us realize.

The politics in biblical times are a bit complicated, and are too frequently glossed over when people talk about Jesus. People are in it for the miracles and forgiveness, but sort of forget that Jesus was actually a pretty radical guy.

Middle Eastern political history has typically been mired in conflict, and there is a reason people there always seem to be fighting over something. In order to understand the meaning of the Bible, it is important to understand the history behind it. So here is the breakdown of what was going on in Jerusalem when Jesus rode in for the last, fateful time.