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33 Easter Eggs You Never Would Have Noticed in Jessica Jones

Every Marvel enterprise is chock-full of easter eggs, and Jessica Jones is no exception. If you haven't checked out this new Netflix original superhero show, it tells the story of retired super hero Jessica Jones, who opens her own detective agency. Jones has super human strength, and the ability to fly, but her post traumatic stress disorder has led her to develop alcoholism and a dark personality. This is the kind of complex show that takes a couple viewings to fully appreciate, so we've put together a list of the coolest easter eggs in Jessica Jones to enhance your viewing experience. 

What are some of the best easter eggs found by fans of Jessica Jones? One of the coolest easter eggs in this show is that the opening scene was shot, frame by frame, exactly as the comic book depicted it. The producers and director obviously took into account all of the minute details in the opening strip of the comic book, and translated all of those subtle nuances to this scene.  

Some easter eggs from Jessica Jones were drawn straight from the original comic books, while others stem from inside knowledge of the film industry, the Marvel universe, and other superhero films. Vote up the best easter eggs below, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section. Once you've made your rounds here, make sure to check out these other shows like Jessica Jones!

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    Stan Lee's Classic Cameo

    As part of a long tradition, Stan Lee makes a cameo in pretty much every Marvel movie. So far, he hasn't quite taken the time to show up in any of the TV shows, but he did supply a photo of himself that has been used in the background of both Daredevil and Jessica Jones.
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    Family Jewels

    When Jessica toys with the idea of becoming a full-time superhero, it's a family affair. Her adopted sister, Trish, designs a costume and comes up with the superhero alias "Jewel." Although Jessica dismisses the code name as "a stripper name" on the TV show, she actually spends some time using the costume and name in the comic books. She even works with the Avengers on a few occasions. 
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    The Color Makes the Man

    Although the show only refers to him as Kilgrave, those that read the comics know David Tennant's character as "Purple Man" due to his purple skin. We see a glimpse of him twice in the last episode; once when his dad injects him with the serum, and again when he yells "STOP!" at Jessica during their fight by the pier. 
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    "Trish" Is Actually a Lot More Than Meets the Eye

    Jessica's adopted sister, Patricia Walker, goes by the nickname "Trish" in TV series. Trish is a  former child star trying to escape the baggage of her past, and covers up her identity with this nickname. If you've read the comics, however, you know that "Trish" also goes by Patsy Walker, and is the alter-ego of the feline-esque superhero, Hellcat.
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