33 Easter Eggs You Never Would Have Noticed in Jessica Jones

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Every Marvel enterprise is chock-full of easter eggs, and Jessica Jones is no exception. If you haven't checked out this new Netflix original superhero show, it tells the story of retired super hero Jessica Jones, who opens her own detective agency. Jones has super human strength, and the ability to fly, but her post traumatic stress disorder has led her to develop alcoholism and a dark personality. This is the kind of complex show that takes a couple viewings to fully appreciate, so we've put together a list of the coolest easter eggs in Jessica Jones to enhance your viewing experience. 

What are some of the best easter eggs found by fans of Jessica Jones? One of the coolest easter eggs in this show is that the opening scene was shot, frame by frame, exactly as the comic book depicted it. The producers and director obviously took into account all of the minute details in the opening strip of the comic book, and translated all of those subtle nuances to this scene.  

Some easter eggs from Jessica Jones were drawn straight from the original comic books, while others stem from inside knowledge of the film industry, the Marvel universe, and other superhero films. Vote up the best easter eggs below, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section. Once you've made your rounds here, make sure to check out these other shows like Jessica Jones!

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    This Daredevil/Jessica Jones Crossover

    This Daredevil/Jessica Jones Crossover
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    Did you catch the name of the officer that uncuffs Jessica Jones and lets her go before turning a gun on Detective Clemons? The officer was Sargent Mahoney, a character that was originally introduced in Daredevil. He was the guy who was not-so-easily bribed by Foggy, who knew that his mother had a taste for expensive cigars.  
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    Jessica Jones Loves a Subtle Name Drop

    When Luke Cage comes back into Jessica's life, he claims it's strictly business; he needs to hire a private investigator, and she's just started her brand-new gig. Jessica suggests that he get in contact with "Angela Del Toro," because she has reasonable rates. Avid comic book fans know, however, that Angela Del Toro has a lot more than good prices. Del Toro is actually White Tiger; another superhero in the Marvel universe that uses Jade tiger amulets to defeat bad guys.
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    Those Two Heart Monitors Are There for a Reason

    The slow drip of evidence that Simpson is "Nuke" continues with this scene in the hospital, where we see that he is hooked up to two separate heart monitors. The character Nuke actually has two functioning hearts, allowing him to achieve - and maintain - superhuman levels of physicality.
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    We Hear Luke Exclaim, "Sweet Christmas!"

    In the comics, Luke Cage is known for his catchphrase, "Sweet Christmas!" We hear him say it twice this season; once after sex with Jessica, and again when they discover Antoine's weed warehouse.
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    The Opening Scene is Ripped Straight from the Comic

    Our introduction to Jessica Jones and her life as a detective/alcoholic/superhero is ripped straight from the pages of the comic book. An almost shot-for-shot, word-for-word scene shows Jessica throwing a disgruntled customer through her door. This sets the tone perfectly for both the comic and the show, and the director and producers did a great job of capturing those feelings onscreen. 
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    Stan Lee's Classic Cameo

    As part of a long tradition, Stan Lee makes a cameo in pretty much every Marvel movie. So far, he hasn't quite taken the time to show up in any of the TV shows, but he did supply a photo of himself that has been used in the background of both Daredevil and Jessica Jones.
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