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Jessica Jones and mysteries go together like whiskey and whiskey, so it’s no surprise that fans of the Netflix hero have taken after their idol and begun crafting all manner of Jessica Jones fan theories on the internet. Entwined with Jessica Jones conspiracies are Kilgrave fan theories since the villain captures nearly as much fan attention as the show’s protagonist with a performance that was captivating in more ways than one.

Fans no doubt have some questions about Jessica Jones, especially with the second season's Netflix premiere in March 2018. The first season of the show deliberately left quite a few things about Jessica’s backstory vague and ambiguous, practically inviting fans to come up with their own explanations and fan theories. Some of the ideas they’ve come up with may seem outlandish, but the sheer volume of speculation out there likely means that at least a couple popular theories about Jessica Jones will come true.

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Kilgrave’s Powers Drove Him To Evil

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Of the many villains to grace the Marvel Cinematic Universe, many consider Jessica Jones’ Kilgrave to be the evilest, but Reddit user robertraur thinks that might not be Kilgrave’s fault. In their theory, they explain that Kilgrave’s mind-control powers are a type of virus that he transmits to his victims. Real-world viruses can sometimes manipulate their hosts in order to spread farther. Perhaps the virus that gives Kilgrave his powers also subconsciously influences him to use his powers ever more frequently on people in a way he can't control.

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Kilgrave Will Return

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Fans met the death of Kilgrave at the end of Season 1 of Jessica Jones with mixed emotions. While Kilgrave was a horrific villain who certainly deserved to die, he was also one of the most entertaining antagonists in the MCU, and fans were sad to see him leave. This has led to nonstop speculation about the ways how Kilgrave might return, including a theory by NeonGameWave on the ComicVine forums.

NeonGameWave’s theory is multi-pronged and includes a number of ways the Purple Man might return. According to this fan, Kilgrave could heal, be mentally projected, and any other number of more convoluted returns. By far the most plausible is that Kilgrave never died, he simply used his abilities to tell Jessica to believe she had killed him. 

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Spider-Man Might Appear In Season 2

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Spider-Man and Jessica Jones have a surprisingly long, if highly retconned, comic book history. The two went to high school together, and Jessica had a crush on the wallcrawler, a fact that left Luke Cage less-than-impressed. Youtuber ComicBookCast2 speculates that Spidey might make an appearance in Season 2 of Jessica Jones.

While collaborations between Marvel Studios and Marvel Television have been few and far between, Spider-Man is the right sort of character to cross over into the Netflix side of things, and he did tell Tony Stark in Homecoming that he wanted to stay “close to the ground.” Nothing says grounded like hanging out with Jessica Jones!

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IGH Stands For Inhuman Growth Hormone

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There have been numerous references to a mysterious company known as IGH in Jessica Jones. IGH took financial responsibility for the accident that cost Jessica her family, paying for her recovery process in what was likely a charitable “write-off.” However, that treatment may be at the root of Jessica’s powers. The company is also the supplier of the pills that granted superhuman strength to both Will Simpson and Trish Walker.

Reddit user a_cat_person speculates that these power-augmenting pills are really Inhuman Growth Hormone, which would provide both the background to IGH’s acronym and make for a fun reference to a Marvel Comics classic. In the comics, Mutant Growth Hormone can be used to augment the abilities of mutants or grant powers to those without the X-Gene. 

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