Disturbing Facts About The Murder Of Jessie Davis

Jessie Davis, the mother of a 2-year-old boy named Blake, was first reported missing in Ohio on June 15, 2007. She was nine months pregnant and about a week away from giving birth to her second child, Chloe. The father of her children, Bobby Cutts Jr., was married to another woman at the time. A little over a week after she was last seen, Davis was found dead on June 23, 2007. Her murderer? None other than Bobby Cutts Jr. 

The murder of Jessie Davis is often compared to that of Laci Peterson, as both were pregnant women who were killed by their significant others. Though Davis and Cutts were not married, the fact that she was pregnant and that Cutts was a police officer led to quite a bit of media attention. On February 27, 2008, Cutts was sentenced to life in prison. He is eligible for parole after serving 57 years of his prison term. Read on below to learn more about the horrible crimes committed against Davis and her unborn baby. 

  • Cutts Was A Police Officer And Had Not Been Considered A Suspect By Local Law Enforcement

    Cutts Was A Police Officer And Had Not Been Considered A Suspect By Local Law Enforcement
    Photo: Canton Police Dept. / Fair Use

    Cutts was hired by the Canton Police. Over the seven years that he worked for them, he went through periods where he would be good at his job and others where he was wildly incompetent. For example, in 2003, he was without work for several months when a known drug dealer somehow wound up with his gun.

    Despite this incident, which wasn't elaborated on, he was rehired back onto the force. When Davis was reported missing on June 15, Cutts was not considered a "person of interest" by local police for several days. 

  • Davis's 2-Year-Old Son Witnessed Her Murder

    Davis's 2-Year-Old Son Witnessed Her Murder
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    The small town of Canton, Ohio, was in for a rude awakening in the summer of 2007. The horror began when Davis's mother discovered her 2-year-old grandson, Blake, alone in a house that stank of bleach. She immediately filed a missing persons report, but police didn't find Davis's body for another week. 

    According to court documents, Blake likely witnessed his mother's murder. He told investigators, "Mommy was crying. Mommy broke the table. Mommy's in rug." To the shock of townspeople, Davis's body was indeed found wrapped in a rug. 

  • An Exact Cause Of Death Could Not Be Determined Because The Body Was So Badly Decomposed

    Davis's body was found in Hampton Hills Metro Park in Summit County, Ohio, on June 23, 2007. According to reports, her killer was the one who showed authorities where the body was after nine days of denying any knowledge. Upon inspecting the corpse, the coroner was unable to determine an exact cause of death because the body was in an advanced state of decomposition.

    According to Cutts, he accidentally hit Davis in the throat with his elbow while they were arguing. She was knocked to the ground, where she died. However, his friend and accomplice, Myisha Ferrell, said that when she asked Cutts what happened, he made strangling motions with his hands, which contradicts the story he told police. 

  • Cutts Was Seeing Six Women At Once And Supporting Three Children

    Cutts Was Seeing Six Women At Once And Supporting Three Children
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    Cutts apparently snapped under the pressure of his failing marriage, the impending birth of his child with Davis, and the money issues that he was having. Records show that he had quite a bit of debt, despite making $5,800 a month between his jobs as a police officer and a security guard.

    He had three children to support - one with an ex-girlfriend, one with his now ex-wife, and Davis's son, Blake. After his arrest, four other women came forward and said that they were in relationships with Cutts at the same time he was balancing Davis and his wife. 

  • Davis Allegedly Wanted To Destroy Cutts's Marriage

    Davis Allegedly Wanted To Destroy Cutts's Marriage
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    According to Cutts's ex-wife, Kelly Schaub (she changed her name after the divorce), when she was still married to Cutts, Davis interfered in their marriage quite a bit. She claimed that Davis would call her and brag about the things that she and Cutts had done and would tell her about every detail of her pregnancy. Schaub believed that Davis was trying to break up their marriage so she could have Cutts all to herself

    However, Cutts had told Schaub that he and Davis had a one-night stand when Blake was conceived. Despite the lies, his marriage with Schaub was already on the rocks when he murdered Davis. 

  • Cutts's Former Classmate Helped Cover Up The Crime

    Cutts's Former Classmate Helped Cover Up The Crime
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    Myisha Ferrell, a friend of Cutts, helped him cover up the murder. She claimed that he showed up at her house with Davis's body wrapped up in the back of his truck. She went with him to dispose of Davis's body and two trash bags of things that he had with him. On the way back, Cutts told her what to say to the authorities.

    Ferrell received two years in prison for complicity to gross abuse of a corpse and lying to authorities. She pled guilty to both charges and testified against Cutts during his murder trial.