The Bible Barely Mentions That Time Jesus Descended Into Hell And Cleaned House For The Lord

Anyone who's attended a church service during Easter week has probably asked themselves this question: If Jesus perished on Good Friday, and was resurrected on Easter Sunday, what did he do on Holy Saturday? The Bible itself doesn't offer many clues, but we do have an answer - an event that's known as the "Harrowing of Hell." 

In a nutshell, this lesser-known story about Jesus involves his descent into hell before ultimately ascending to heaven. But it's not the version of hell most of us are familiar with, and he had a specific reason for going there.

While the Harrowing of Hell might not be familiar to many modern Christians - depending on their denomination - it's long been a part of Christian theology. For the past 2,000 years, scholars and theologians have argued about what the Harrowing means, whether it happened, and whether it should be included in scripture at all.