Weird History Did Jesus Spend His 'Lost Years' In Japan?  

Rebecca High

Jesus: one of the most lauded yet controversial historical figures whose life allegedly began and ended in the Middle East. But this video presents evidence from the 1930s that indicates Jesus may actually have ended up in East Asia for a time.

From the time he was 12 to 30, Jesus fled Israel for his life - King Herod wanted him dead, so he went into hiding. Around the age of 30, Jesus showed back up in his homeland. But where did he spend the prior 18 years? For all the documentation and manuscripts surrounding the life of Jesus, there's never before been a clear answer to that question.

An ancient scroll found in 1936 sets Jesus' "gap years" in Japan, where he allegedly learned Japanese before returning to Judea. But the scroll doesn't stop there. The information it posits has the potential to greatly change history and Christianity as we've always known it. 

Watch this video for more about the stunning, hidden history of Jesus in Japan.