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Our Modern Image Of Jesus Might Be Based On A 15th-Century Murderer

The Cesare Borgia Jesus portrait theory has been circulating online for awhile now. The popular image alleges that the modern face of Jesus is actually based on the image of a brutal 15th century conquerer whose ruthless tactics differ greatly from the peaceful depictions of Jesus in the Bible. Is Jesus based on Cesare Borgia?  This is up for considerable debate.

There are some obvious holes in the theory. Depictions of Christ resembling Borgia predate his life, and some websites perpetuating the theory use some dubious sources. However, there's no denying there's a marked similarity between Jesus and Borgia in paintings. Not to mention, Borgia may have had a relationship with Leonardo Da Vinci, the man largely responsible for popularizing images of Christ. If you're interested in learning more, read up on the facts and decide for yourself if the Borgia as Jesus theory holds any weight.

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