Weird History

Here's How Jesus Plays Into Different Faiths

For millennia, various factions of Christianity have debated over the precise nature of Jesus. However, there is a great deal of discussion about Jesus outside of Christianity, too. Many other religions have similar stories, and they're also invested in the carpenter from Galilee.

Considering Jesus's popularity, it's unsurprising many spiritual movements grapple with his place in their respective theological canons. Some groups reject him entirely, but many advocate his teachings. The Church of Scientology, for example, allegedly allows new converts to follow Jesus's message.

Newer religions aren't the only ones to mention Jesus in their teachings, though. Hinduism, one of the oldest faiths, also folded Jesus into its pantheon. There are many surprising parallels between Christianity and the ancient religion of Zoroastrianism. And of course, Christianity shares many commonalities with Judaism. Analyzing how different faiths think about Jesus sheds light on multiple cultures and hints at the way ideas pass between different, seemingly opposite groups.