The Greatest Jewish Athletes Of All Time

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This list of Jewish athletes contains Hall of Fame athletes, Olympic champions, and other familiar faces. From Jewish Olympic champions like Aly Raisman (pictured), Kerri Strug, Deena Kastor, Jeremy Bloom, Helene Mayer, Sasha Cohen, Sarah Hughes, Jason Lezak, Dara Torres, and the legendary Mark Spitz to professional superstars like Ryan Braun, Gabe Kapler, Kevin Youkilis, Ian Kinsler, Jordan Farmar, Amar'e Stoudemire, Taylor Mays, Jeff Halpern and baseball legend Sandy Koufax, there is sure to be a favorite Jewish athlete on here.

The best Jewish athletes come from a variety of sports including baseball, basketball, football, swimming, gymnastics, fencing, and professional wrestling with guys like Macho Man Randy Savage and Bill Goldberg.

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