The Best Jewish Comic Book Characters

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Jewish comic book characters only!

When it comes to religion, it's hardly ever touched on in the pages of comic books, but once in a while we get a glimpse into the lives of our favorite characters and learn about these superheroes' religious beliefs. Some have proclaimed themselves to be Christian, Catholic, Buddhist, Muslim, and even Wiccan. There aren't very many of them, but these are the superheroes that are Jewish.

Every year as the holidays arrive we see Christmas trees around every corner and we hear about them in every song. Even our favorite comic book characters get into the mood with superheroes like Wolverine, Batman, and Nightcrawler whipping out a candy cane or two. But what about the houses with the menorahs on the window sill? The spinning dreidels? Those awesome little chocolate coins? Yeah, that's right Hanukkah is here, too!

Which comic book characters are Jewish? There are some you’re probably aware of, like Kitty Pryde, Magneto, and Ben Grimm the Thing from Fantastic Four. But did you know that Nite-Owl from Watchmen is Jewish? Or that even that Superman is part Jewish? Many Jewish comic book characters can be found in the pages of Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and more.

Find out which comic book characters are Jewish on this list of Jewish superheroes. You may be surprised by how many comic book characters practice Judaism and plan on celebrating Hanukkah. Which Jewish comic book characters are you first learning about? Share your thoughts in the comments section and vote for your favorite Jewish characters below!