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The Most Pervasive JFK Conspiracy Theories 

Mike Rothschild
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According to author and attorney Vincent Bugliosi, if a person added up all of the people accused of assassinating President John F. Kennedy in Dallas on November 22, 1963, and all of the conspiracies they were taking part in, you'd wind up with at least 42 different groups, 82 separate assassins, and 214 people playing some kind of role in the crime. But one thing is for sure: the death of John F. Kennedy rocked the nation.

Who assassinated JFK? Since the day when Lee Harvey Oswald, a former Marine, was arrested for firing three shots at the president, outside observers have felt that there was more to it. There had to be. How could the most powerful man in the world - a charming, handsome, wealthy titan - be struck dead by some ordinary loner with a rifle? It had to be a conspiracy.

JFK conspiracy theories surrounding the assassination of the President began almost immediately. They involved everything from witnesses on the grass near the motorcade to powerful businessmen to foreign powers to the usual conspiracy standbys like the Illuminati. Since then, countless books have been written, two separate commissions were formed (which came to different and disputed conclusions), and endless pontificating spouted. While conspiracy theorists continue to insist that others were involved, so far, their theories remain just that: theories.

Here are the most popular and pervasive JFK assassination conspiracy theories. Who really killed JFK? Read on to learn what some theorists think.

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The Illuminati Took Him Out
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Photo: Bureau of Engraving and Printing/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

Real conspiracy theorists know the Illuminati are behind everything that happens everywhere, pulling the strings to ensure they wind up with unlimited power and money. So, if anyone was going to take out JFK, who was presumably one of them, it would have been the shadowy Cabal.

Why would they have done it? Possibly because he'd broken away, or just to increase their money and power.

The KGB Took Him Out
The KGB Took Him Out is listed (or ranked) 6 on the list The Most Pervasive JFK Conspiracy Theories
Photo:  C records/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

Lee Harvey Oswald had already defected to and returned from Moscow before assassinating Kennedy. Was it possible that he was a deep-cover Soviet agent?

Despite various people being implicated as handlers, moles, and KGB officials involved with the shooting, none of the strands have ever been connected, and there's still no compelling evidence that Oswald was getting orders from anyone. In fact, declassified documents reveal that the KGB actively decided NOT to recruit Oswald due to his mental instability.

Oswald Couldn't Have Fired The Shots
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Photo: Dallas Police/Wikimedia Commons/Fair Use

A popular theory related to the JFK assassination is that Lee Harvey Oswald couldn't have pulled off the deed on his own because he was using a junky, 60-year-old Carcano 91 rifle that was impossible to aim; he didn't have enough skill or time to fire three shots in eight seconds; and he wasn't a good enough marksman to do so. Therefore, someone else HAD to have been involved - because nobody has ever been able to duplicate what he did.

But Oswald didn't need to be a world-class marksman to do what he did - just a trained one. And he was - a former Marine, in fact. The Carcano rifle he was using wasn't an old piece of junk, but a well-built and accurate weapon. This particular one had been made in 1940. Oswald was firing at a slow-moving target less than 90 yards away. This is not even half of the 200 yards Marines fire at during rifle qualification.

It's also important to remember that Oswald didn't have eight seconds to make three shots - he had eight seconds to make two shots. The clock started when the first shot was fired. For a trained Marine with a quality rifle, a slow and close target is a dream come true. Even without the use of a "magic bullet."

As for the claim that the shooting has never been duplicated, this is simply false. The Warren Commission hired three marksmen to duplicate the three shots, and CBS did so again several years later. These shooters had less time than Oswald, had never trained on the Carcano rifle, and many were still able to hit the target two out of three times.

Fidel Castro Took Him Out
Fidel Castro Took Him Ou... is listed (or ranked) 8 on the list The Most Pervasive JFK Conspiracy Theories
Photo: Unknown/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

As president, Kennedy was one of the key players in the Bay of Pigs fiasco, when a CIA-armed paramilitary group invaded Cuba in an effort to overthrow Fidel Castro - and wound up being crushed. JFK had been a thorn in Castro's side his entire presidency, so it's logical that the dictator would have had the president taken out. Of course, other presidents have continued tussling with Cuba, and the sanctions imposed by Kennedy only ended in 2015. Why wouldn't Castro have those presidents taken out as well?

Castro himself has come out as a Kennedy conspiracy theorist - so who is he trying to fool?