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Jim Carrey Has A Hidden Love For Art, And His Paintings Are Actually Pretty Impressive

Updated June 28, 2018 51.7k views13 items

Jim Carrey is well-known to most people around the world for his work as an actor and comedian. After crafting the kind of onscreen career he has over the years, it's not hard to see why. But what most people probably don't know is that Jim Carrey is secretly a painter and has even had some of his work put up in galleries in recent years.

In a mini-documentary surrounding his career as a painter and sculptor, Jim Carrey talks about art and his path to it in a way that's truly eye-opening. After spending a fair amount of time sketching and drawing as a kid, Carrey eventually progressed into painting and sculpting as an adult. Especially during a period in his life where he was in deep self-reflection.

Here are some of Jim Carrey's trippy paintings along with some of his own musings about the craft and why he finds such fulfillment doing it. And it's more likely than not, that you'll walk away from this list stunned to learn that not only is he a world-renowned actor and comedian, but yes, Jim Carrey is an artist too.

  • Carrey Says His Art Is A Natural Fit With His Other Ambitions

    Jim Carrey has been working as a side-artist, along with his continued acting and comedy career, for several years now. While that might surprise some fans of his, Carrey insists that it wasn't much of a jump for him to make, personally.

    Contrary to what most might think, Carrey says that his time performing for his family and sketching in his room as a young man helped him grow accustomed to both the artistic process and the solitude that comes with it. As such, the time he spends painting and sculpting has allowed for him to feel creatively free in a way that no other artistic outlet quite does.

  • He Thinks His Art Is Open To Interpretation

    Even though he greatly enjoys creating each piece of art and invests a lot of himself into it, he also doesn't believe that the true meanings of the art he's creating is ever totally clear. Instead, Carrey believes that art is something much more instinctual and that what it says about him or to him doesn't fully reveal itself until much later in the process.

    Carrey says that he thinks what makes an artist isn't knowing what the art means, so long as it comes from their own inner lives:

    “I think what makes someone an artist is they make models of their inner life. They make something come into physical being that is inspired by their emotions or their needs or what they feel the audience needs.”

  • It All Started With Some Epic Heartbreak

    Like many people, Carrey opened himself up to the possibilities of other creative outlets and hobbies following a particularly devastating break up six years ago.

    The actor equated the feeling to that of a meteor entering the atmosphere for the first time. He even made a painting - which you can see above - that visualizes that very description, of what resembles an almost heart-shaped rock encased in fire as it falls through the sky.

  • He Often Uses Bright Colors In His Work

    Much like with his comedic performances, Carrey's artistic work is loud and unforgettable in a way that feels perfectly linked to him. He says that a person will be able to tell what his favorite colors and artistic vices are just by looking at one or two of his paintings.

    That rings true for anyone who takes the time to look through Carrey's art collection