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Fans Share Theories About Jim Carrey Movie That Are Wild Enough To Be True

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Jim Carrey has the type of memorable career that so many actors wish for. From iconic '90s comedies perfected with his specific physical-comedy style to showcasing his acting chops in emotional and dramatic roles, Jim Carrey has proved time and time again that he'll forever be one of our favorites. We managed to compile a list of fan theories all about Jim Carrey's filmography and the characters in them. 

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    People Watch 'The Truman Show' Because They Crave The Idyllic Small-Town Life

    Fromm Redditor u/Cheeseanonioncrisps:

    In reality, the Truman show would not do very well. People would probably switch on for the first episode, to see him being born, but after a few episodes of Truman doing nothing but crying and sh*tting himself, they'd probably get bored and turn off again.

    They might switch on to see him take his first steps and say his first word, but ultimately Truman really couldn't be counted on to be interesting for the majority of the time until he was about eight— after all, how many really popular TV shows star toddlers? (And don't say Rugrats!)

    But even then it would probably fail, because the director seems to be really bad at actually making a good TV show. 

    Though small town living, where you only have a few people living in an area, would basically vanish. Every small town would get absorbed by the cities. That's why people watch the Truman show. A show about a guy who lives in an idyllic small town ("Seahaven is how he world should be") and goes through life events that, before, would have been ordinary, but are now a novelty. People are riveted watching Truman sell insurance, because their own jobs have loads more people working for them and are incredibly stressful because of that and because the high population means that anyone can be replaced. Somebody finding their job fairly easy is a relic of a bygone era. People like to leave him on all night because they are living vicariously through him.

    That is the only way I think you could get anyone to watch a real life Truman Show.

    [Read the full theory here]

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    Fletcher Reede Could Figure Out Truths That He Didn't Already Know In 'Liar Liar'

    From Redditor u/iamjacksheart:

    So in the movie Liar Liar, Jim Carrey's character (Fletcher) can't lie due to his son's wish. In one scene, he is in front of a judge and needs some time to think so he asks for a bathroom break. It goes down like this:

    Fletcher: Your honor, would the court be willing to grant me a short bathroom break? Judge: Can't it wait? Fletcher: Yes it can. But I've heard that if you hold it you could damage the prostate gland, making it very difficult to get an erection, or even become aroused! Judge: Is that true? Fletcher: It has to be!

    This leads me to believe that either he didn't have to actually know the truth to tell it, that whatever granted his son's wish, be it God, the universe, or a flying spaghetti monster, decides what the truth is. He could make up a fact and if it's true, he could say it. He could possibly figure things out by process of elimination. Stuff like when is he going to die, or what happens after death, etc. That or he was only able to say that because it might not be true that holding it could damage the prostate, what is true is that he HEARD that it could.

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    Ace Ventura Is A Maturing Superhero

    Photo: Ace Ventura: Pet Detective / Warner Bros.

    From Redditor u/patrckhh20:

    Ace Ventura is not merely a pet-detective. He is endowed with superhuman powers. However, it is not known how he acquired these powers, and he is only just learning to use them. Ace's superhuman abilities are seen in four ways.

    1. He is able to catch a bullet with his teeth. This was a bullet fired at relatively close range, and Ace not only has the speed to catch it, but also the strength to stop it without it putting a single crack in his teeth.
    2. He survives a violent shark attack. This was a fully grown great white shark. It had Ace in its mouth, and from the way Ace was being jerked back and forth around the tank, the shark was clearly trying to rip him apart. Ace walks away from this without a scratch.
    3. He survives violent car crashes. Ace drives so recklessly he makes his car spin multiple times. Again, he walks away from this without a scratch.
    4. He is able to communicate with animals. Ace is able to keep a skunk parrot, monkey, squirrel, iguana, dog, cat, raccoon, penguin, and others, living in his apartment. These animals couldn't naturally live together, but they could if Ace can communicate with them to make them be peaceful. Also, when Ace is in his apartment contemplating the connection between Einhorn and Finkle, he tells his monkey to "rewind," and the monkey does so promptly. Ace says this so abruptly and spontaneously, it does not seem that the monkey was trained to rewind, but rather does so because Ace is communicating with him.

    Since Ace is only a maturing superhero, he has not yet gained full control of his powers, which explains why he is not always able to use them. (Like when he is not able to communicate with the albino bird that he is trying to capture.)

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    Harry Is 'Dumb' And Lloyd Is 'Dumber'

    Photo: Dumb and Dumber / New Line Cinema

    From Redditor u/deep_sea2:

    In Dumb and Dumber, it is implied that Harry is dumb and Lloyd is dumber. However, after careful examination, I believe that Harry does more dumb stuff than Lloyd and Lloyd is somewhat clever.

    • Harry is the one that forgot to pay the gas bill.
    • Lloyd managed to get some extra money by selling a dead and headless parrot to a blind kind. Evil, yes, but clever, also yes.
    • In the diner, Harry needlessly threw a salt shaker and hit Sea Bass
    • At the same diner, Lloyd came up with the plan to get Sea Bass to pay for their bill.
    • Harry set himself on fire at the gas station. Granted both of them did stupid things that caused personal injury, but starting a fire at a gas station is serious threat to other people as well.
    • When the van runs out of gas, Harry gives up and decides that he will walk home. Lloyd, on the other hand, solves the problem by trading the van for a scooter.
    • On the trip to Aspen, Harry doesn't consider getting a pair of gloves for the cold weather. Lloyd is well aware of the cold and gets two pairs.
    • When Lloyd learns of Harry's date with Mary, he incapacitates him with ex-lax. This is fiendishly clever on his part.
    • After Harry gets shot, and after missing multiple shots at near point blank range, he reveals that he was wearing body armour provided by the police. However, he never considered getting shot in the face. It was Lloyd that pointed out the flaw in that plan.
    • For me the final nail in coffin is the last scene. When the bikini models offered them a job, Lloyd turned them down, but gave them the proper directions; this is dumb. Harry turned them down AND gave them wrong directions; this is dumber.
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