The Best Jim Carrey Movies, Ranked

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With more than 1,800 movie fans casting their votes, this list of the best Jim Carrey movies is a tribute to one of Hollywood's most beloved comedic actors. From his madcap physical comedy in Ace Ventura and The Mask to his poignant dramatic turns in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Man on the Moon, Jim Carrey has had an illustrious career that spans decades.

Carrey's ability to make audiences laugh with just a single facial expression or gesture can't be understated. His characters are often eccentric, larger-than-life creations who exist somewhere between fantasy and reality—and that's what makes them so entertaining for viewers. There's also something deeply human about these roles; they allow us to tap into our own innermost anxieties while simultaneously laughing at ourselves.

From outrageous comedies like Dumb & Dumber and Liar Liar to heartfelt dramas like The Truman Show, it’s no wonder why fans have voted up these films as some of the best Jim Carrey movies ever made. So check out this list now, vote up your favorites, and let’s celebrate one of Hollywood’s funniest stars.

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