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The Greatest Pranks Jim Ever Played on Dwight on The Office

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One of the staples (LOL) of The Office was the ongoing battle of escalating pranks and shenanigans between Jim Halpert and Dwight Schrute. One of the best running jokes of The Office was how thoroughly and consistently Jim messed with Dwight. Whether it featured words, practical jokes, or physical pranks, the Jim and Dwight rivalry never failed to result in a humorous moment.

Unfortunately for Dwight, when it came to pranks on The Office, Jim tended to have the upper hand the majority of the time, and these are the best of the best when it comes to pranks Jim played on Dwight. Vote up the ones that made you laugh the hardest and vote down any you thought were as lame as Michael on the basketball court.

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    Jim Pretends to Have Been an Asian Man the Entire Time

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    In the Season 9 episode "Andy's Ancestry," Jim and Pam's actor friend Steve, who is Asian, pretends to be Jim. They even go so far as to replace the family photo on Jim's desk, making Dwight feel like he's crazy and simply never noticed Jim's race.
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    Jim Does an Impression of Dwight

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    In Season 3's "Product Recall," Jim dresses up as Dwight and even begins speaking like him. This is also the moment that gave the world "Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica."
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    Jim Convinces Dwight That He's Getting Faxes from His Future Self

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    In Season 3's "Branch Closing," Jim sends faxes to Dwight on his own stationary, signed, "Future Dwight."
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    Jim Creates a Fake Murder Scene That Makes Dwight Look Guilty

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    In the Season 8 episode, "Tallahassee," Jim turns his hotel room into a fake murder scene by leaving a rope hanging over the balcony, an open suitcase full of money, and the phrase "IT WAS DWIGHT" written on the wall. Dwight and Erin stumble upon the scene, and Dwight freaks out, proclaiming his innocence.
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